Thursday, December 27, 2007

Its all over but the cleaning up

Well, Christmas has come and gone, leaving nothing but leftovers, trash, and massive messes in its wake. I don't know about anyone else, but I can honestly say I'm darn glad it is over this year. I usually get into the "spirit" even if sometimes it comes to me as late as Christmas eve. This year it just seemed such a chore at every turn. Still have presents I ordered for guaranteed delivery straggling in via mail and UPS. Still have bits of paper, tape, and other sharp packing pieces littering the floors. Yeah I know, get out the vacuum and clean it up. Please, I am so exhausted it is taking every ounce of energy just to work.

I think everyone did enjoy the gifts from Santa though. Princess Daughter got a new car stereo that we still have to schedule time for installation, Prince Charming got a new Black Hills Gold band and tons of clothes he needed badly, Prince Son got large air power tools needed for his new auto body job. I got mostly things I ordered for myself as Prince Charming was stuck at the ranch for so long he had no time to shop. Then he did run out and get me new cookie sheets and a food processor. Problem is I specifically told him to get the medium size model as our kitchen is VERY small and limited storage. Oh no, he gets the big daddy size that will NEVER fit in any of my cupboards and since I have no counters either, it will likely find a small burial plot in the garage. Oh well, just keep reminding myself it is the thought that counts.

Anyway, now on to New Years preparations. We refuse to go out that night due to the massive amount of visitors that take over our small corner of the world. Instead, my best friend comes over, we have a lovely candlelight dinner (this year is steak and crab/lobster cakes), then the fun begins. We change into comfy clothes, break out the massive array of munchies, break open the booze, put on movies or seriously old tunes, and play board games until at least 5 am the next morning. I mean this is some serious fun folks as we are all so competitive it gets down right heated at times. Then the alcohol takes over and we can't even count the cards in our hands let alone remember the rules to whatever the game is, so we make up new ones.

We play anything and everything. Our collection has grown a bit over the years for variety. You name it, we will try it. Always have to do Monopoly, checkers, dominoes, Jenga, scruples, Trivial Pursuit, Uno, and a million others I forget. Did get a new one this year from the brother's family. Its the card game for Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?, yikes, now my daughter will know that I am not! Oh well, pretty sure she already knows that anyway. Prince Charming gets to join the fun this year. Before he always had to work day shift so would go to bed at 8pm and get up to toast at midnight, then back to bed and we'd wake him up at 4am. Now that he is retired he has no excuse not to play with us!!!! The kids think my friend and I are nuts and usually crap out on us well before morning. Teach them to mess with us "old folks"!

What about you? Any great plans for the New Year? Any great suggestions for new munchie type foods we can try? Let me know! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!