Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One word-WOW!

I just had to mark the occasion of great change our country has just seen with one simple word, and all that can come to mind is WOW!!!!

Our country is full of diversity that now has come together as a nation, ready to meet the challenges head on. While many are skeptic, others are hopeful. I for one am ready for a change. Realistic enough to know it won't be instant, all encompassing or miraculous. But change, no less is long over due. I want to believe in this great nation and it's ability to allow us all the freedom we too often take for granted. Our nation gives us the freedom to blog, rant, cry, laugh, and express our selves each and every day in ways that will never be tolerated in other places. I want to believe our nation is strong enough to pull together and continue to foster those ideals that make us Americans. I want to believe that anything is possible and can be accomplished.

I do believe this day does mark the beginning of a change that will offer a even better way of life for my children, their children, and millions more who are only a mere imaginative thought in a mind. I do believe we can work together to make any dream a reality for our selves, our nation, and our world. I do believe this is a fine day indeed to say, "I am proud to be a citizen of the United States of America!"