Thursday, October 15, 2009

Love at first sight

Twenty three years ago today, I was hit full force with the reality that love at first sight does exist. No one can ever change that feeling. Happy Birthday to the most incredible man a mother could ever have the honor of calling her son!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pumpkin parade

Better Homes and Gardens is one of the magazines I enjoy. I also sign up for their e-newsletter for the 100 days of holiday ideas. Part of the reason I am so fond of this magazine is the variety. Each issue is scattered with home decor, frugal tips, home tours, craft projects, and recipes. There is usually at least one idea included that I can find a practical use for in my own home. So many crafters are showing off their pumpkin/fall/Halloween ideas this season.

Now that my children are grown, I miss out on the fun of carving pumpkins. Seriously, the yucky goo spread over my entire kitchen floor is something I sorely miss. Not enough just to do it myself this year however. I still like to add some festive decor, for myself, visitors, and those ghoulish tricker-treater friends though.

I found some simple, mostly frugal, and quite striking ideas at BHG and though they may spark someone elses creative bones as well.

Lets start with some simple paint ideas for those squeamish folks who don't fancy pumpkin guts sliding thru their fingers shall we?

This is adorable! Simple painted legs and shoes with a small bow glued on for good measure. I think even better if you lay them down so it appears the house fell on the witch, maybe right in front of the garage door even.

This one should appeal to those with the black and white decor happening out there. Even easier if you start with a white pumpkin, use a stencil of your choice.

This one adds another bit of sparkly goodness. How many of you have faux gems, or even maybe some of those pins laying around in a dark drawer somewhere?

Dimensional craft paint, or even a glitter/glue pen. Make a web design, add some gems or pins, a bit more detail and a glittery masterpiece is born. Easy, cheap, fun for kids as well.

This one has a bit of carving to it, but could just as easily be done with only paint. Would be super fun at a backyard bonfire set up with some real lanterns mixed with them.

This is my favorite. Grab a pack of those paper doilies and have at it! Use them as a stencil.

Simple, elegant and endless possibilities for sure. Tape it on, paint in your choice of designs and colors. I think these would be brilliant on a Thanksgiving table. Use a white pumpkin, you name it.

Now, while you have those doilies out, check out this brilliant masterpiece.

Yes, shapes here are cute from real lace doilies, but a cheaper version would be use designs from those paper ones! Glue it on, pin it on, double stick tape.

Since you have out the glue and pins now, lets move right along to another simple chic version. This version as strings of sequins, but whatever trips your trigger would work too. Ribbon, pearl strands, twine, yard, wire, see, again the possibilities are endless. See the rings on the stem?

See, sometimes you just have to think outside the pumpkin shell don't you? Well, while you are digging through your stash of goodies to try this, dig a bit farther to include this one as well. A few more "found", recycled, borrowed, broken bobs and you have yourself a magical ride!

Now, my Prince is the ultimate pack rat. I guarantee somewhere in the depths of my garage and assorted tool boxes, bins, buckets etc we have a million things rusty and delicious just like these. If you aren't so lucky, just think a bit more and you'll come up with something close. A jam jar lid laying around? Packets of those "some assembly required" extra pieces in plastic bags? A few extra coat hangers? Kid's outgrown bike alongside the house? Some paperclips? Cinderella would be proud of this baby for sure! Even better, see those tiny white pumpkins so innocently sitting there looking so cute? Not sure what's up with the eyebrows, but a carriage must have a coachman standing guard.

So, while you were digging around, I bet you found several packs of thumbtacks lurking in those drawers you didn't even know you had. No, well then I pity you. Cause if you spray them a quick coat of one color, or leave them shiny you get this baby.

Simple stencil design, unique choice to add some house numbers, a name, again the options are mind boggling if you think about it. Even raid your scrapbook stash for those brilliant brads you are hoarding. No, well I have jars of them. This would even work on those fab "faux" pumpkins and you can have it for years to come.

Now, in case there are sceptics lurking here, or those saying good grief why in the world would anyone paint, carve, or otherwise waste the day away on a darn pumpkin. Then I say to you

Scared ya didn't I? Well, maybe not, but even the craft challenged can swing this I am sure. Got a pen? Write B-O-O on three slips of paper, prop them up, tape it to the wall, whatever floats your boat. Really lazy, try H-I! But seriously, how ridiculously easy is this? These are really flashcards, propped on floral frogs inside glass jars.

So, go ahead, parade your pumpkins. No more excuses of how boring or difficult you think it is. Besides, you just might make someone smile while you are at it. We all need a bit of that now and then don't we?

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