Monday, February 25, 2008

Projects, chaos, and more snow

Gosh, this blogging thing takes more time than I can even begin to find these days. Recovering from a bout of stomach virus that knocked me flat for a couple days. I detest being sick. I have so many pressing things to complete and things like this just really mess up my best laid plans.
We again received over a foot of snow this weekend, and my back is suffering from shoveling the heavy, wet mess. Now they claim it could be 60 degrees by the end of the week. Just let it be summer already because I am fed up with snow.
Prince Charming is struggling to get a grasp of his mom's financial status. Her declining mental status is making it a real challenge to get a real picture of things. It appears worse than he originally believed and I have no idea where to begin to settle this mess when he isn't willing to push the issue. Waiting for him to come to the acceptance of the whole issue is going to be the end of my rope I am afraid.
My Princess girl is turning 18 in a few weeks. Exciting, rewarding, and depressing all in one for me. I am beginning to feel old this time around for sure. Her idea of the perfect gift changes every 5 minutes, so haven't officially decided what to get her yet. Then comes the whole graduation issue in June, so still trying to figure it all out. When my son turned 18, I made him a scrapbook of his life which he just loved. I had hoped to do one for her as well. I sat down this week and started and before I knew it I had completed one whole book of just the first couple months of her life. Not what I had planned but I couldn't make my self cram 18 years in one book. So, I hope to call it volume 1 instead. I would like to do another of her childhood years, and then hopefully just one of high school so there is a series almost of her life. I have already done a couple for her in the past of things, but want these to be for her to keep. I have so many boxes of "crap" that I would also like to do one of just momento kind of things like report cards, birthday cards, award certificates, homework examples etc. My usual state of procrastination however will likely never complete all this in time. I may end up with 3 more blank scrap books with IOU coupons inside! That would tick her off for sure.
She has it in her head that she is going for a tattoo and tongue ring for her birthday. We have battled this fight for years, but now she will be 18 and can do it without my permission. I personally don't care for tattoos. See, with my job I have seen what they become in your older years and frankly even the best tattoo is not something you ever want to see when you are old and wrinkled. Imagine silly putty with cartoon strips like I used to do, ya know how you stretch and wrinkle it to distort the image, exact same thing with the tattoo. Plus, visible tattoo art can be a huge barrier to professional careers regardless of what some may think. Now to be fair, I have seen some that are true works of art done in tasteful and very professional manner that I admit are spectacular. My ex has a couple and my son was up to two the last time I checked. Whatever. I just refuse to participate in this in any way. No way, no how. She will legally be able to do it if she wants, but Mom isn't going and I won't pay for it. Period. Same goes for a tongue or lip ring. I can not tolerate this on anyone at all. Trying to talk to someone who has a tongue or lip ring (or any other form of facial piercing) is totally not something I can even do. It is too distracting and I am instantly annoyed. I have not met one person with a tongue ring that doesn't "play" with it, click it against their teeth, or some other annoying form of irritation while they are talking or just sitting there. DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!! Again, completely unprofessional for work and completely disgusts me to see it. Again, she will be old enough to do it, but I won't have anything to do it. One of her former boyfriends had two and he knew before he came to my house he better take the damn things out or I wouldn't even talk to him. Am I weird? Likely as it seems to be the cool thing to do, but damn it I don't care. I can tolerate a lot of crap, but no way no how can I tolerate this facial stuff. She is a beautiful girl and hanging crap off her lip, tongue, eye or anything else is just going to kill me. Her other option was a belly button ring, which I would pay for that if it would keep the crap off her face. Had I not had a horrible experience with infection/rejection of internal sutures following an abdominal surgery and had puss running out of my belly button for 3 straight months, I might even consider doing that one with her just for a bit of bonding. Just not willing to risk another run of green pus to look cool to the kid. I digress, at least a belly ring can be covered up for work, etc. I don't have to see it click against her teeth with every word or breath. OK, now that I have offended everyone with piercings in blog land I should stop this tirade. Hey, if you have one, good for you. I have two holes in each ear and that's good enough for me. You want it, do it, fine. Just don't wait for me to do cartwheels with joy ok?
Have a good week everyone.