Friday, September 12, 2008

Moving day

Well, today is officially moving day for the sweet Princess. The new carpet was installed yesterday and today the landlord has a cleaning crew coming to do a thorough cleaning prior to her moving in this after noon. She is both excited and terrified, but I am sure she will do just fine. At least her new abode is only across the street from us, as I am sure for awhile there will be a few requests for assistance and the occasional plea to kill a dreaded spider or two.

Funny, you spend your whole life raising tiny beings to be strong, independant souls and it feels like the days are endless to get there. Then when it finally arrives, your heart is full of joy, sadness, regrets, and hopes for the future. Did I teach them the right things? Did I prepare them for how cruel the real world beyond these walls can really be? Did I give them enough love and understanding to pull from on the darkest days? Did I give them the tools needed to problem solve all of lifes challenges? Did I show them the way to trust in themselves to accomplish their goals and dreams? Did I fill their hearts with even a fraction of the joy that they have brought to me? Did I give them the map to follow back home anytime they need a friend?

Good luck dear Princess, I wish you joy, love, peace, and happiness in this new adventure. I love you with all my heart and know you will be just fine.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sad day in the neighborhood

I am afraid it is a rather sad week in our neighbor hood here. Quite a bit of reflections in the old gazing ball have tears in their eyes. Lets just sum it up quickly and spare everyone the gorey, boring details.

1. I now have a very unstylish boot to wear on my broken foot for several weeks. I was cleaning my carpets, and on the way to empty the container, slipped on the kitchen floor. Quite a site I am afraid as my foot went sliding into the counter, followed by my knee, then tweaked my back which went the other direction with the water bucket. After 4 days of not being able to walk on my left foot despite the black toes and swelling, I went to the dreaded doc who informed me my toes were fine, but have a crack in the bone of my foot and a chip in the end of the same bone. So now have to wear this monster boot for at least 2 weeks. At least the swelling is down and the color is returning to a more normal state. The boot does help a ton or else I have to walk on the side of my foot.

2. Three of my coworkers suddenly resigned and left the two of us remaining with a ton of work. This means I get to fly to LV next week with my lovely boot for the day to help sort the mess. I hate spineless people who turn in notice at the exact same moment at 11pm on a holiday weekend after a company has literally bent over backward to help them for months. Really gets me ya know. Means good old me has more work than I can stand, but will get thru it but little time for play.

3. Biggest news is the Princess wedding is officially cancelled. He "doesn't want to be with her anymore and just wants to be friends". No explanation, no nothing. Princess is simply devestated and wants to hide. I am so upset I don't know what to do. I had just ordered all the personalized items etc, invitations are out, the pool enclosure is nearly complete with $1000 worth of plywood, the dress is hanging with all its accessories, and the rental home is set to move in on Saturday. She wants to move anyway although she can just barely afford it and I can't talk her out of it. We are all just stunned and not sure what to do next.

So, forgive me while I likely disappear for awhile to tend the princess and plot my voodoo punishment for the run a way groom.