Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Its a boy!

No this is not an optical illusion friends. Meet the new "pocket puppy". We are still having a war over his name. Several choices exist, but let me explain how he came to be. As usual, I didn't chose this animal, I didn't ask for this animal, I didn't want another darn animal. Seriously, we already look like Old McDonald's farm around here! Last weekend, I was out pulling weeds when my Prince came to tell me the neighbors were here looking for Princess to show her what they found. Apparently, the neighbor dropped her pen next to her car, and when she bent down to retrieve it she noticed this white creature under the car. At first she screamed thinking it was a mouse or rat, but closer inspection revealed a tiny Chihuahua puppy. With a little coaxing, they were able to lure him out of hiding to safety.

We spent hours canvasing the neighborhood for his owner to no avail. He had a dreadful runny nose, but otherwise seemed very healthy and spunky. Very lucky pup as it was 90 degrees that day and the blacktop was scorching. So, Princess shows up at my house insisting we must keep him as the neighbor has MASSIVE playful dogs which didn't mix well with this tiny man. Next day, she took him to our vet who determined he is about 5 weeks old and weighs a grand total of 14 ounces. Antibiotics for the respiratory infection, possible future health issues due to balance, significant soft spot in his head, on and on. Since we lost our beloved Ralph, and Princess already has 3 dogs plus baby on the way, she pulled out the sad eyes and started coaxing my Prince to assume Dad duty for the little man.

His coloring is solid white except the mass of brown over his left eye and ear, some brown near his nose, and this one tiny brown spot on this head near his right ear. Immediately the name list began to grow. Princess started with Dot, which I vetoed as a sissy name for a boy. Prince insists on Spot or Fluffy, which Princess hates. Then Princess threw out Rocky, which is rather fitting for the obvious fights he has already had to endure in his short life to arrive here, and who knows what in the future. I have labeled him Trouble (and piss ant but not sure I want to yell that one in the backyard to call him in) for the little monster is faster than a speeding bullet and has zero fear. Takes on the other dogs, clueless that the 15 pound cat can knock him into next week, climbs on and over anything even if it takes him 20 tries-just plain trouble no matter how you slice it.

Now seriously, is this not a face only a mother can love or what?

He has already assumed his location as king of the hill, and no we didn't put him there, he four wheeled himself up Prince's chest like Spiderman.

So, for the first time ever, we are at a complete impasse as a family of what in the world to name this little creature. Any other brilliant suggestions out there in blog land? He can run like the wind, loves anything fuzzy, barks like a miniature squeaky toy, and is a snuggler when a nap attack strikes. He has also got to be the most squirmy dog ever seen. Poor Princess accidentally dropped him from her arms yesterday, which fortunately he is fine. Darn dog simply won't hold still unless he is sound asleep, but Princess is SO beating herself up over the accident she is still hysterical. Darn pregnancy hormones don't help poor girl.
Well, any suggestions? Votes? Comments like are you out of your flipping mind girl? And for the record, yes, I am.....

Its a girl!

Princess is finally developing the "baby bump" and we recently learned that she is carrying a girl!