Friday, September 14, 2007

It is finally Friday! For some reason this has been a rather long week, not even sure why. Wanted to share this picture I found of the cutest minature chairs. Growing up, my parents had the "grown up" version of the green one in our yard. I am always on the prowl to find some for my own yard, but so far no luck. Isn't it strange how technology advances in everything, but I keep straying back to the old things all the time. Must be getting old!
In all, it was a rather productive week. I managed to can 4 quarts and about 8 pints of tomatoes. The yellow ones look very regal in the glass jars if I do say so myself. I have to get busy today and do some salsa to put away for winter when I will be frantically missing summer. I've also done several jars of peach/mango jam and this week it was plum. I did a coupe jars of jelly since the juice was so pretty, but isn't setting up. Oh well, guess it is called syrup now!
I am so excited to go to Tracey's class tomorrow. Always fun to see ideas of others for creative gift giving. It will be especially fun to meet a fellow blogger that I have admired on so many occasions through her writing.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Welcome to my new adventure in blog land! I have admired so many fine blogs created by others that I decided it was time to give it a try myself. I was so inspired by Tracey at that I wanted to have a place of my own too!

There is nothing more wonderful than having a quiet moment to myself to pursue my "creative side". I love a good book, long soaks in a bubble bath, making cards, scrap booking, painting, cooking, baking, gardening...the list is ridiculously long of things I like to do. Now, finding the time to actually complete something is an entirely different matter. The downside to being a working wife and mother I guess, but I manage to sneak in time here and there anyway. Perhaps one of these days I'll be brave enough to share them with you here.

My other weakness is animals. You see, I can't seem to stop at just one, or two, or three. At this time I share my home with 2 dogs. Ralph is a miniature poodle (so named when he decided to throw up in my lap on the way to his new home). He has been with us for about 10 years now. Gidget (technically dear daughter's dog) is a chihuahua that came to us last Christmas. Having dogs is really just like adopting more children. You step on the toys that are strung everywhere, they beg continuously for whatever you have, and they are constantly demanding more attention from you. Plus side is, they do want to snuggle and keep you warm at night and will kiss your tears away when needed.
As if this were not enough, I currently have 5 (yes I said 5) cats in my house. The first was Captain Hook who adopted us when he was already grown. He decided to crawl in a set of tires and rims on the porch and couldn't get out. Covered in grease with a long tail that was broken in the middle so it hung like a big hook-hence the name. I have to admit he has been one of the best cats we have ever had, kind, gentle, and loves to snuggle. He is now a senior citizen, and I just like to be grateful for the time we have left with him. The second was a pound rescue. Forced upon me (yeah right). You see, my mother had decided after many years of not having a 4 legged companion that she wanted a cat. So, she calls and demands that I take her to the Humane Society to get one. I go making her swear she will kill me before I am allowed to bring ANYTHING home. Well, she narrows the choice to two, one a fluffy Persian kitten and another large, long hair, grey beautiful girl. So, Mom chooses the kitten (I warned her, but would she listen-NO) and we leave the poor grown cat there, sob, alone.. Well, I get home and proceed to cry and whine about the cat left behind, and finally Prince Charming relents and takes me to get the cat!!! (Did I mention that Prince Charming spoils me rotten?) So, now we have Foxy Lady who decides to no longer be friendly and hide at the slightest movement or noise. My cat then claims Prince Charming as hers and will not have a thing to do with me for several years. Go figure, save her and look at the thanks I get!
So, our humble home is content for a few years. Then, quite unexpectedly my brother in Idaho dies from a sudden heart attack. He had a large hunting dog, and this stray cat that he had rescued from the golf course where he worked. The small town where he lived had provisions to keep the dog while we sorted out the arrangements for my brother, but not the cat. Long story short, I went to the pound and took one look at the cat and knew we couldn't let her be put to sleep. Piercing green eyes begged for my help. Off with the cat to a vet for boarding for the week it took us to do arrangements and return home. Her name is Calloway (for my brother's favorite golf items) and what a treasure. She will love you, purr, play with the dogs, and snuggle at length. Down side, if you don't wake up when she is ready, be prepared for bites to the face and licking of eyelids until you get up!
Ok, fine, now we have 1 dog and 3 cats inside, getting a bit crowded, but manageable. Then, another tragic twist of fate claims my Mother's life to cancer. Again, only the cat left behind. What's a girl to do-return it to the pound from where it came? I think not, so here comes that cat too. Caeser is a love who loves to scream at you if you won't give him instant attention or food. Crazy thing learned to play fetch with a ball by my Mom-swear to God he is part dog!
Count 4 cats, 1 dog. Oh no, ex-hubby decided the dear daughter needed another pet so he sends Gidget down from Wyoming with my son-at Christmas time no less! Can you say Petting Zoo!!!! I know what you are thinking, this chick is nuts. Well, good news, you are right! Because this doesn't include the large amount of strays that have come and gone from claiming my yard as home. The latest is a beautiful Siamese who just had 3 kittens, and one poor boy only had 3 legs. So, guess what-we now have him in the house as well. He is so cute, only about 2 months old, black and very curious and isn't bothered much by having only 3 legs. Got his first shots yesterday and spent his first day here without being mangled by the others.

OK, enough for the introductions. Thanks for dropping by!