Friday, September 14, 2007

It is finally Friday! For some reason this has been a rather long week, not even sure why. Wanted to share this picture I found of the cutest minature chairs. Growing up, my parents had the "grown up" version of the green one in our yard. I am always on the prowl to find some for my own yard, but so far no luck. Isn't it strange how technology advances in everything, but I keep straying back to the old things all the time. Must be getting old!
In all, it was a rather productive week. I managed to can 4 quarts and about 8 pints of tomatoes. The yellow ones look very regal in the glass jars if I do say so myself. I have to get busy today and do some salsa to put away for winter when I will be frantically missing summer. I've also done several jars of peach/mango jam and this week it was plum. I did a coupe jars of jelly since the juice was so pretty, but isn't setting up. Oh well, guess it is called syrup now!
I am so excited to go to Tracey's class tomorrow. Always fun to see ideas of others for creative gift giving. It will be especially fun to meet a fellow blogger that I have admired on so many occasions through her writing.
Have a great weekend!

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ACottageIndustry said...

I love your little chair collection, especially the little metal one!
I hope you enjoyed the gift wrap class. It was great to meet you in person!