Friday, October 3, 2008

Custom Goodies await

I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I am hoping to do a little decorating around the old homestead (if I ever get the rest of Princess's stuff removed to her new place), and one thing I want to do is revamp the guest bath. Well really, my bathroom since I have been sharing with the Prince since the daughter discovered primping, there was just not room for two in there. HA. Anyway, during the NON-wedding plans, I stumbled upon a vintage guest towel holder that I thought would be adorable to hold guest towels during the wedding in the guest bath area. Rather odd little piece that is made of some sort of peeling metal with a cherub in the center and she is standing on a crystal dish with her hands extended up to hold the hardware where those little paper (or cloth) hand towels are held. The family rolled their eyes in disgust, but I had a vision. Tough.

Well, now IF I get her stuff out, I want to do a little spiffy decor in that room as it actually has about a 1 foot "alleged" countertop to the side of the sink, our other bathroom has about 2 inches around the sink so that's pretty hopeless. Anyway, given the fact I am married to a cowboy, frilly, pretty, cottage, girly "crap" as he calls it is only an option in VERY small doses. He is VERY tolerant of my crafty ways, but when the man draws the line, that's it. End of the trail kind of deal. ANYWAY, I love the gorgeous homes I see on the blogs, all cottage feel, white, ruffles, glitter, frills, ya know, girly stuff. I visit blogs to get my "fix" cause trust me, this house resembles NOTHING like what you see in blogland. That said, I still keep my eye out for things that I may be able to "sneak in", ya know real quietly that don't raise the big red flag of "What the hell is that doing here?" kind of alarm.

So, anyway, I simply adore Lynn at The Vintage Nest. Her boutique is always adding new things, and I day dream wishing it could be mine. Recently, she added some switch plate covers that are TO DIE FOR cute, 3-D bling attachments, lovely backgrounds, you seriously have to see it to understand how much I adore them. Well, the ones for sale were a OBVIOUS no way for my good old boy. About the time he stumbled to the bathroom at 2am with his hands running up the wall like Braille to find the switch, he would have come unglued when he snagged his numb fingers on the projectile objects (known by the rest of us as rhinestones, brooches, etc.). Ya, not what a girl wants to deal with at 2am when her hubby is having the meltdown of the century... Well, I thought about it and wondered, hmmmmm, what IF she could make me some that had a more "country/cowboy/western/MANLY" look to them, with a itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny bit of bling. That way he might not immediately head to the garage for the tools to remove the offending covers and promptly deposit them in the "round file".

So, I asked dear Lynn if she could create something along these lines for me, and sweet woman she is said YES!! So, now I have an email from her that my special covers are finished and will be shipped in the near future. I CAN'T STAND THE SUSPENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I am a Christmas package shaker from WAY back, can't sleep Christmas eve waiting for Santa, I count days until big events, I am going to go insane before I hold these creations in my hot little hands. Wait, seriously, tell me you believe in Santa too? Folks, around here, if you don't believe in Santa, you get socks and underwear, and definitely coal in the stocking. Not negotiable around here, EVER.

Then, I already snagged some silver tone items such as soap dish, toothbrush holder, cotton ball holder etc. at TJ MAXX a couple weeks ago. What I am hoping for is to find a balance of sorts between function, vintage vibe, and make it work with some existing pieces that are there such as the oak medicine cabinet and the Prince made horseshoe towel holders. Yeah, welcome to my crazy mixed up world. Hey, a girl has to make some allowances for the love of her life and that's the bottom line. Thinking of some vintage signs/prints/whatnots to hang on the walls. May simply end up like it is now which is the biggest mix of mismatched crap you could ever have the misfortune to see. But it's MY mismatched crap and I love every bit of it!

Oh well, people who know me know one very important detail. If you are coming to look at my house, just don't bother wasting the gas cause it won't do you any good. If you are coming to see us, baby come on out any time and make yourself at home. We aren't formal, we aren't fussy, but we are about welcoming anyone to sit down, kick your shoes off (if ya want, if not just wipe the chunks at the door), have a drink (refill mine while you're in there), and stay as long as you please. Of course, if you are allergic to cats, better bring your meds cause you are going to need it I promise you that. My animals may sit on your lap, they may insist you are sitting in "their spots", but I have a treat jar handy and they can be bribed.

SO, how will the end bathroom "big picture" turn out? Can't even venture a guess. But you can bet I will have THE BEST switch covers in the bathroom you will ever see! Do I know what they look like, nope, not a clue other than a couple of pix I had to choose from for the background? Do I care what they look like? Nope, cause good ol Lynn can work magic my friends. Check out her blog and boutique and see for yourself. Her link is here and here Vintage finds, handmade creations, you name it. Check it out.

Until they arrive, I will be waiting with anticipation and I know they are going to be terrific. Thanks Lynn, you are the best!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

BHG ideas to share

The Better Homes and Gardens website has some terrific inspirational ideas posted these days for the holidays. All photos from this post are from that site and I thought some were quite clever. The one above had to come because it reminded me of my TLC cat!

This idea just was simply funny to me, ya, sick sense of humor but I love it. The wheelbarrow dumping bones in the yard, genious I say!

This one really deserves an award from somewhere. Seriously, a blow up yard ornament attached to the chimney like it is climbing? I have seen this in stores and it is HUGE. LOVE IT! Now, if I only had a chimney.....

This one is so darn simple it makes your head spin. They used glass paint, but come on, just stick on some of those adhesive felt pieces cut in shapes and you don't have to have a halloween glass forever lurking in the cupboard. I'm seeing turkeys, santas, hearts, easter eggs etc in the future around here.....

This is just plain cute and easy. I think they used like a florist wire for the legs, but hey, what's wrong with a black pipe cleaner. Yep, I am lazy.

I also liked this simple display on the napkin, but the napkin fold is what made it. (site also has the folding instructions for several other patterns too) Kind of looks like it belongs there somehow, doesn't it? But hey, nobody says you can't paint the darn pumpkin (or gourd) any darn color you want to coordinate with a napkin of choice. Thinking it needs some felt leaves, or simply dried leaves on the pumpkin though for a bit more pop.

So, check out the Better Homes and Gardens web site for a zillion more ideas, some fancy, some simple. They are also doing a 1000 days of holiday special that looks kind of interesting too.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October has begun

I seriously wish someone could tell me where the time is going! Everything is a blur these days it seems. Then, this morning, I head to my trusty home office to discover it is time for yet another calendar page. WOW! This means dear old mom better get a grip shortly as it is a mind blowing 2 weeks until the child Prince has a birthday. Not to mention time to decorate, prepare the yard for cooler weather, the list is endless. I did manage to glitter two pumpkins last weekend for my dearest friend and her mother. However, I never made it to mine so still have that to finish. Prince Charming is giving me the "look" as it seems everything we touch is covered in glitter these days. Not the ideal cowboy accessory it seems. Men, they just have no sense of style, HA!
Anyway, I found some rather cute clip art while surfing the web, I mean diligently working, and thought I could at least share with anyone who may be interested in them. Just jumped out at me, so if you want one, feel free to grab it.

The Princess is slowly recovering from surgery, although this is day 3, which is notoriously the worst no matter what form of surgery you have. Pretty sure she would rather wake up in a week or so and find this was all a bad dream. Hoping to have time to make her a bit of dinner tonight to take over. Also have a spice cake mix screaming from the depths of the cupboard I want to bake. I found some canned "gasp, yes I said canned" frosting at the store that says it is less sugar so will give that a whirl. Hey, a working girl has to do whatever it takes anymore. Besides, Prince Charming has a zillion health issues so anything I can do to make the taboo treats even a trace healthier is better. So, better get some work done if I plan to accomplish anything today.

Happy October to everyone and I hope you have a great day!

Monday, September 29, 2008

It really never ends

Just a quick note while I have a second. We spent the entire weekend with the Princess in the ER with extreme pain from her ovarian cyst. Finally yesterday morning when we took her in, they agreed to call in a specialist who FINALLY decided it would be a good idea to take her to surgery to remove the cyst. 12 hours later Princess finally got to come home, although I'm sure she is not sure how she left with more pain than she came in with. Anyway, at least this kid can move forward now and try to heal. I am tired, relieved, and off to work. Doubt I will get much chance this week to visit everyone, so hope you all have a great week. Keep Princess in your thoughts for me ok? Second thought, better keep Mom in them too as she is a rather cranky patient requiring Mom to turn on the nurse mode and try not to put the pillow in her mouth. HA! Kids, can't live with them and sure would never want to live without them.