Monday, September 29, 2008

It really never ends

Just a quick note while I have a second. We spent the entire weekend with the Princess in the ER with extreme pain from her ovarian cyst. Finally yesterday morning when we took her in, they agreed to call in a specialist who FINALLY decided it would be a good idea to take her to surgery to remove the cyst. 12 hours later Princess finally got to come home, although I'm sure she is not sure how she left with more pain than she came in with. Anyway, at least this kid can move forward now and try to heal. I am tired, relieved, and off to work. Doubt I will get much chance this week to visit everyone, so hope you all have a great week. Keep Princess in your thoughts for me ok? Second thought, better keep Mom in them too as she is a rather cranky patient requiring Mom to turn on the nurse mode and try not to put the pillow in her mouth. HA! Kids, can't live with them and sure would never want to live without them.

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