Friday, April 24, 2009

Goin' to the chapel, and we're gonna get........

OK, enough nonsense, let's get this show on the road!
So, at long last it is time to go. Given the backyard location, navigation to avoid prewedding encounters with the bride and groom were getting tricky. We kept the Princess in the hall until the coast was clear, but she got a bit anxious and had to have a final rest.

OK, let's begin. First down the aisle was the pastor. Super nice man, easy going, but I know he had serious doubts over our ability to pull this whole thing off. Not to mention our warped sense of humor was a bit over his head. He humored us and we are so glad he was part of the day.

Next down the aisle were the parent's of Mr. Princess. Since this was a small and cozy affair, naturally there was no such thing as an usher. I suggested that he walk his parents to their seats as a nice gesture, and he humored me.

They look a bit intense don't they?
Mr. Princess gave his mom a nice kiss, hug, and got them settled.
About now he and the pastor were wondering what lunatic made him do this as he had to come back inside to begin the actual wedding party walk down the aisle. Tough, I still think it was nice of him to include his parents this way.

Man, this guy is way too intense...
OK, up next is the groomsman and bridesmaid. See, groomsman, intense-bridesmaid (my friend) at least attempts a fake smile...
Alrighty then, almost there.
Here comes the best"person" and the matron of honor. Does anyone hate that term besides me? Matron, seriously, I feel old enough here and just because I happen to be married I get an old lady title..... Oh, and let's don't forget the flowergirl. She was supposed to walk herself, but given her spoiled nature, she got carried by grandma instead. Normal around here.

Again, left side, now up to fake smile. Mom, TOTALLY HAPPY THIS IS ALMOST OVER!!!!

Gidget is looking at my son.

Not sure why I included this but it shows how extremely WIDE this darn dress was. Remember folks, I'm a blue jeans only kind of gal.

Cue the music, HERE COMES THE BRIDE!!!!

Now, my Prince Charming(left) doesn't have a serious bone in his body. No joke, there are like 5 shots all day that don't have this wacky look on his face. Normally he is one big fat smile. Princess, getting her smile on.
So , given the layout of this place, coming down the aisle is a bit trickier than most, but we managed it. Out the door, across the porch, around the corner, few steps, another corner. Fearless older brother Prince was in charge of our "secret" wedding music start and getting this long train straight down the aisle. Nice job Prince, you did great.

Now, let me pause to explain. Most brides chose either a sentimental favorite, the standard bride down the aisle song, or something weddingish. Not my girl. She came to me a few days before the in private wanting to tell me something. She had chosen a song, but knew everyone in the world would say she was nuts and tell her no and be furious. Silly girl, we don't care about stuff like that. I told her it was her wedding and whatever she wanted was just fine. Plus she wanted it to be a complete secret from the entire wedding especially Mr. Princess. What? Good grief. The music is on his Ipod and how in the world are we gonna pull this off? Ok, Mom and brother to the rescue. Between all his other chores, I sent Prince to the Walmart, he gets the CD, we hide my lousy stereo in the house facing the window. When she walks out the door (his excuse was he had to stay in and follow her out to help with the train which was true), he hits play on the CD player and we rock. PERFECT! Plus, I should explain Mr. Princess takes everything a bit too serious. We knew by this point he would be ready to pass out. We knew from the prom incident he almost passed out when he saw her dressed up for that. So, we needed to lighten the air a bit.
So, Princess chose to walk down the aisle to "If you are happy and you know it clap your hands". Oh, but they didn't walk, they sang, skipped, and clapped all the way to the alter!
See, THIS is my Prince Charming and my Princess coming down the aisle.
Here is our formerly less than amused pastor. He was VERY surprised.
And here is the look that made the entire stress filled surprise all worthwhile!
I was up until this second holding my breath that he would run out of the yard and never be seen again. But nope, he stayed, took a deep breath, and I think it really hit him what he got himself into.
Prince Charming was pretty pleased too!
So they made it down the aisle. Now comes the dreaded get this veil off so we can do this.

A bit of a breeze wasn't helping.

He made it and got a big ol kiss!

Next up, we are gathered together today.........