Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

I wanted to slow down and write for days now, but as always the time seems to fly away. Our Christmas holiday was delightful this year. Rather sedate and mellow compared to years past but that was just fine with me! My son and his fiance flew in and my daughter and her husband joined us as well. Good food, good company, good times!

Santa was rather good to me this year in spite of everything. Good thing he is a bargain hunter of greatest measure and hunted sales early this year for hiding away gifts. I could only find photos of two, but ones that make my heart go pitter patter for sure.

First off is my new shiny red mini processor! I needed more counter space (you will see why in a moment), so this replaced my larger model for every day use.

For years now, Prince Charming has offered and even begged me to get a Kitchenaid mixer. I held out being frugal with my old trusty hand mixer, and on a rare occasion hauled out my "old as me" Sunbeam stand mixer I got when my mother died. Well, after years of cussing, hand mixing, kneeding, etc, I finally bit the bullet and caved in. Be still my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately, with all the company and cooking, she just sits proudly in her place of honor yet unused. I must remedy that situation this weekend! Whole wheat bread, oatmeal bread, and cinnamon rolls here we come! Of course Prince Charming is not so subtly hinting for oatmeal cookies first....

I also got the most awesome compact HP photo printer. Highly functional and adorable with its cute little matching tote. Can't wait to start photos flying and printing for more scrapbooking weekends. Maybe I should just use the room full of prints I already have first? Nah, new is always more fun!

Now, I must rush and find some quick and easy decor for our annual board game gala tonight. I am ashamed to admit our living room resembles a disaster area still which will require a massive cleaning just to allow visitors to enter.

I love this simple idea, and even better if you set all the alarms to ring at the stroke of 12!

This is a simple, easy way to have those favors ready to grab at the final minute to ring in the New Year!

And we all need a little treat to celebrate the New Year after the night of fun. Clever way to present your family with the new year ahead.

May you have the Happiest New Year of all!