Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Do I hear bells or was that a gong in the background?

While it is pathetic to admit, my only coping mechanism right now is denial and avoidance. Period. Life around here is just too busy, work is making me out of my mind, and I spent a week of horrid stomach flu that just about did me in. Now I am just downright exhausted and can't face anything. Pretty pathetic but its the truth.

Once again the wedding is back on for the Princess. Yah, don't go there. I even sat her down and had the good old "I am only saying this once and then I'll tell you I told you so...." conversation with her yet again. See, I have a BAD feeling that he is once again going to string her along and bail out on this at the last minute just like last time. Or worse, he will go thru with it an walk away a short time later. Just too many obvious signs that even she admits are there, but none the less, it is still on. Then, we had 3 weeks of fighting over the new date. She wants one, he wants another and they go back and forth. And yes, again she picked a Monday, in April. Hello, MOM WORKS FOR A LIVING TO SUPPORT THIS MESS and HELLO, we are liable to still have snow/sleet/hail/and drifts in April around here. So, I am avoiding thinking and doing anything about this. Oh, and she tried on the dress again, she has now lost so much weight we have to find someone competent to take it in at least 1-2 inches!!!! She has agreed to use the napkins imprinted with the October date on them out of spite and finance, ha! See, I am just going to pretend I hear bells and not a big old gong banging in my head!

Then, the young Prince finally proposed to the girl-I-LOVE-and-his-father-hates on New Years Eve. Now they tell me they set a date (he wanted August this year). It is June 2010. Ok, less pressure. WRONG. Then she tells me it will be in WY. NO WAY NO HOW!! Three days of slamming, crying, cussing etc. See, his Dad is mean, spiteful, vindictive, rude, pigheaded, egotistical, and plain mean. If they do this anywhere remotely near him, despite not inviting him or alledged makeup before then, I GUARANTEE he will ruin it in one shape or form. That's the way he rolls. THAT is why he is my ex you see. If it isn't about him, it doesn't matter. Period. Now, selfish old mom would love them to do it here out of pure convenience. I mean hey, we are doing it this year already and will have it down to a science then. Right? But seriously, I would fly them to the moon to get them away from dear old Dad on this day. Anywhere but near him. Plus, this wedding is more "up my alley" so to speak. See, she wants the dress, frills, flowers etc, but is a cowgirl at heart-born and raised. Young Prince, well, he lives, breathes, sleeps, and eats cars and hunting/fishing. Future Ms. Prince LOVES the ideas of quilts on the tables, flowers in pitchers, arch made of horns, truck seat for reception, model cars on the tables, hubcaps for trays. Baby, I told you I can rock this wedding!!!! Princess, she is all glitter and party. I can do that too, but it isn't half as much fun as the creative genious it will take to make it work for the young Prince. So, again, I am ignoring those bells/gong sounds in my head for now.

I am ignoring it all.

PS, my tree is STILL up, I think I need serious meds or something.........