Thursday, March 5, 2009

all a blur....and in need of creative assistance-soon

Has a seriously been over a month since last writing here? Yeah, well no surprise given it was all a blur here. Daily wedding plans changing daily, massive snow to shovel, mud to track in, leaking washing machine, dresses to alter....endless list.

So, I have to get on the stick and get this entire wedding ordeal wrapped up before the 6Th. Still have all the baking, cooking, flower arranging, well basically everything to do between now and then. Never fear, I still peak in on everyone as often as I can as I find so much inspiration in your lives that I hope will spark a fire in me here very soon.

On that note, if anyone knows some terrific cheap, fast, easy appetizers, a white chocolate/raspberry cheesecake, wedding cake, or killer punch recipe please send them to me a quick as you can. I need all the help I can get.

Other questions I am pondering:
1. How the heck do I make an empty garden (now dirt IE mud and sticks) a lovely backdrop for a wedding ceremony? I have the arch deal, but what else can I do to camo the ugly mess that will be a garden if spring ever arrives? Cheap here people, I have essentially no money for this ordeal.
2. How to make the fabric runner a bit easier to walk on in heels over the grass leading to the arch? Too long a section to lay plywood or I would as already using what we have to get a semi clean path from the front to back yard so she has a grand entrance.
3. Creative ideas for the old, new, borrowed, blue routine? Her dress is new (white with pink/white flowers and scattered sequins and beads), shoes are red with rhinestones, has a veil and tiara (yeah, princess remember?) She is allergic to metals except white gold so the jewelry route is kind of out of the price range now....
4. Suggestions for songs to walk down the isle aside from the old standby?
5.A poem to place in a frame with photos of our 4 family members who have passed away as a tribute to remember?
6. Fun bridal shower themes, games, ideas?
7. Decor for the event-I have some silk flowers and glass fish bowls and plan on candles, white lights, a few hanging lanterns. Have a feeling we can expect wind and some rather cool temps given the date. I have a fire pit and hope to find a outdoor heater to use somewhere. I can't afford a tent rental, so pray to every spirit you know it doesn't rain or snow because my house is too small for 25 plus people.
8. Ideas for where I can buy a unique garter and perhaps find some cheap hankies? Would like to set a few in a basket for guests who decide to cry-or just for me when I start bawling my eyes out.
9. Card box ideas?
10. Guest book ideas? Expecting about 25 or so people so the standard ones are a bit big for so few people.

Seriously, any ideas, suggestions, thoughts. They are a unique couple, so it kind of makes me a bit stumped here. My original ideas were all fall based and now here we are with spring. He loves firefighter deals, movies, and is rather picky with food. She is a tomboy princess who loves Asian inspired ideas, simple things, but goes for the sparkly things too. The colors are hot pink, chocolate brown, and teal. I get to be the matron of honor and am wearing a prom dress I found that is a cross between pink and coral? let's hope my spanx can suck me in a bit more as the dress I got was about an inch around too small for comfort and the most material they can let out is about a 3/4 at best. It was only $30 and I frankly couldn't pass it up! My best friend is her bridesmaid and is wearing chocolate brown. The Prince is walking her down as her father has been 'uninvited" and is a cowboy who will wind up in jeans and a pink shirt. The favors for guests will be fortune cookies in little take out boxes. Dinner was changed to appetizers.

So, any and all ideas are greatly appreciated. I need all the help I can get!