Friday, August 21, 2009


OK, everyone go see Lynn and tell her a "birdy" said she is a blue ribbon winner in the state fair!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Good times

Prince Charming and me at Lake Tahoe

I am hopeful that blogger will finally let me upload some photos as I have been unable to do so for some time now. Will show you some of the fun we had during the recent visit with my son and his future bride.

Well, as you can see it is uploading, but I give up on why it keeps turning this one every direction but up. Anyway, this is Prince's bride-to-be while we spent the day trying on wedding dresses. She is the sweetest, most laid back girl I have ever met. First bridal store, and after 5 dresses she knew this was the one! It's now hanging in my closet to avoid the prying eyes of my snooping son.Next we have a photo of Prince's new car with his custom paint job I mentioned before. It really doesn't come close to what it really looks like in photos. Those flames are amazingly realistic and detailed in person.

And finally we have two shots of the "girls" going for a swim in Tahoe, crazy fools. That water is downright frigid and they were in there for a hour straight having a blast. Mom sat on the beach and called it good. The last is a shot of Emerald Bay. See that island, there is a castle on it. Once again the photos don't do this justice. While most of Tahoe is florescent blue color, this end of the lake is the clearest, most incredible shade of emerald green you will ever see. If you ever get to see it, you'll know what I mean. You must stop at the lookout and see for yourself. You won't be disappointed I promise.

So, our planned excursion was to take about 3 hours, wrongo, we were there all darn day. Oh well, hazards of living in a "tourist area" is playing chauffeur, but the company was great, the day was perfect, and a good time was had by all. Well except maybe Future Ms. Prince who was stood up by my lovely son Prince who felt viewing cars was the priority. Boy, do they have a lot to learn in the give-n-take world of marriage. Oh well, maybe someday she will understand what drives the kid. I know one thing for sure, he isn't going to change his stance on cars, so she'll have to adapt. Lucky for him, I know she will.

So, I hope everyone has a lovely upcoming weekend. For me, the current temp is now 100 degrees in the shade, my swamp cooler is hopelessly losing the battle, and my plan is to just try and cool off. Take care and thanks for dropping by!