Friday, April 25, 2008

Everythings going to come up-at least I hope so

I wanted to share what I finally got around to planting from my recent QVC purchases. The pictures aren't cooperating today, so some wouldn't load and some are a bit off. Anyway, first up are the peonies I got and I so hope they manage to survive. They rank right up there with my very favorite flowers. Too bad they only bloom such a short time, I could really have them around me every day.

Next is an indoor plant called a Totem Pole. Weirdest plant I have ever seen. They send you the bare trunk which has had the ends dipped in wax. You scrape off one end and soak for several weeks, and theory is you get a plant like this. Only time will tell if I can master this one!

Now comes one of 4 subzero roses I got. This is out of order, but oh well. The fourth one wouldn't upload and is a beautiful pink!

These are gloriosa lilies that climb. I had them a couple years ago and they didn't really do well, but we had crazy weather so wanted to try again. Can't wait to see what happens, although a couple of them arrived with mold and one was kind of mushy. Send an email to see if I can get a replacement for that one.

Here are 2 more of the rose collection. I had to put them all in pots as still have to haul more fill dirt to complete the front yard and couldn't wait any longer to get these babies planted. I will transplant them eventually as the yard gets done.

So, now all I need is some nice weather to get these babies growing! Our area has been hit with over 100 earthquakes in less than 24 hours! Lucky for me I only felt 5 and no damage although I thought a lot of stuff was coming off shelves with the first couple. How anyone can live where there are big ones is beyond me! Weird stuff.

Prince Charming is still with his mom, and the whole family has been hit with the serious flu bug. He is now too sick to drive home so staying a couple more days. Poor baby! I'll never finish my "honey-do" projects at this rate.

I have TONS of work to finish this weekend, so no fun for me. Hope everyone has a great weekend with nice weather.