Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Where do we get more hours for the day?

If someone knows the answer, please send it to me as soon as possible! Seems every time I think I will catch up I am farther behind. So much is going on at the same time it seems I don't have a second to myself. Makes me cranky and sad at the same time.

Will write more later with details, but a quick rundown includes helping hubby recouperate after minor surgery, getting the Princess thru the last month of school, graduation, company including my son for two whole days, SWAMPED at work, revamping the entire yard and garden, assembling variety of wedding invitations, buying decorations, tearing out the pool to make a platform/dance floor, trying to save my poor plants from massive aphid attack, hosting graduation party, moving and removing household full of furniture etc to get Princess ready to move to a apartment, fighting off a cold that I do not have time for right now. That is just the high points, seems rather lame now that I look at it. Oh well, just a slug I guess.

I do have a few rose blooms now, iris are almost done for since hubby buried most during the yard mess, scotch broom about done, columbine have taken over, apple trees are showing small apples, rhubarb crisp in the oven, and yes I HAVE A PEONY READY TO OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Afraid to look at it for fear it will disappear and crush me. Beans have froze once, everything kind of in a hold pattern with crazy weather. Wisteria has a few blooms in spite of it all.