Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas....

OK, have I told you lately how much I hate winter? Seriously HATE winter. Cold, snow, wind, ice, etc. It is just downright cold folks which makes me a cranky gal. Below zero kind of cold. Just plain nasty. Yet, it appears we will have a White Christmas this year after all. Mostly because there is no warmth in sight to melt what we already have, but also chances of snow next week. So, let's just hope on 12-26 it all melts and life goes on, ok?

Time is going way too fast this month. So much remaining to do and so little time. Half of the packages I ordered aren't here which makes me very nervous indeed. We have scaled back massively this year as so many are, so am pretty much counting on the remaining items or it will look like the Grinch came instead of Santa. My son is supposed to come, but has run into some tough times and will not be able to afford the trip unless the elusive Christmas bonus comes this year. I was so looking forward to him being here, but at this point it is looking like a miracle will be needed for it to happen. Will make for a sad Mom indeed if he can't be here as it has been too many years now since he was. At least my Princess and her "finance"-ya, don't go there, will be here. Somehow she managed to invite the "future in-laws" to my house for dinner on Christmas. There go the plans for an actual sit down fuffy Christmas dinner this year as my table is not big enough for everyone. Back to the old ham on the floor in your lap kind of deal. Oh well, it isn't like there isn't always WAY too much food to go around. Just had my heart set on a fancipants kind of dinner for a change.

Lucky we got the outdoor lights up before the weather hit. The inside is decorated too. Went with my mom's old tree which is literally like the top 1/4th of my regular tree. Just put on the Prince's ornies this year with a few of my sentimental ones. Looks cute but not quite the same. Downsized 4 large boxes of stuff for the Princess and another big one for the younger Prince from all my years of collected crap, I mean priceless treasures. Still have WAY too much but love it all too much. Will post pix if I get a second soon.

Anyway, stay warm and have a great weekend!