Friday, June 27, 2008

Hello blog friends!

It seems like forever since I have had time to post, and I don't really now but am doing it anyway. What a hectic month this has been for sure. Lately, it is all a blur, literally. The above photo should show a small mountain that is normally visible directly over the large rose bush in my back yard. Well, instead all we have seen for a week now is thick, heavy smoke. Ironically, the fires were in California, but lucky us were caught in the wind currents that sucked it straight into our valley where it stayed. There were times I could not even see the house across the street it was so dense. I have had a raging headache for the last three days and mostly due to the smoke. Even the air filters in the air conditioner can't keep up. Today is finally clearing up, but unfortunately they are now forcasting thunderstorms which in this area only means dry lightening to start more fires! Not what we need. It is going to be a long hard summer at this rate.

On a better note, there is some signs of life in the garden which always makes me smile. The lilies are starting to bloom, my roses are trying to win the aphid war and blooming, the clematis is taking off. Unfortunately my peonies are finished, sob, they are my absolute favorite and so short lived. My radishes are also finished as the heat is on and they have gone to tops now. The tomatoes are still sleepy little stubs, but I am hoping they will take off soon.
Another lousy photo, but this is my favorite lantana that makes a riot of beautiful blooms and colors in my hanging planter. If you look closely you will see the Charlotte's web nestled in the chains. I hope they eat some of the darn bugs that seem to be winning my plant war!
Prince Charming is off again on an adventure to see his Mother for her 85th birthday. Plus install a new washer/dryer, finish the drywall in her bedroom, hang new ceiling fixtures, and who knows what else before he is able to come home. Poor guy is running himself ragged trying to be there and here. We are still trying to adjust his new cardiac medications, but we are in a bit of a hold pattern right now for his heart to try and adjust. Now he has bronchitis on top of it all! We also learned this week his brother has been diagnosed with bladder cancer, his uncle suffered a large stroke, and his cousin spent a week in the hospital with strange liver problems they have yet to resolve. Think good thoughts as when it rains it pours around here.
Princess is finally a high school graduate!!!!! I have never been so happy to be finished with anything in my life. Public school now just sucks. Sorry, folks, I have a family full of educators and they agree too. How she learned anything is beyond me. She is now trying hard to secure a full time job with benefits so she can move to an apartment with her finance. Slim pickins these days, but she had a promising interview with a print company this week so hopefully will have good news next week. I just hope they aren't jumping into something they can't afford with these tough times. Guess they have to try though like we all did. I will miss her terribly, but it may be a nice change to focus on my husband and my life for a change.
Wedding plans are kind of slow now as we have had too many other things to do. Have to get in gear and get invitations made, favors made, flower arrangements made, new deck where the pool hole currently is, figure out where to get chairs, hotel know. GGRRRR!!! Oh well, guess it gets done or it doesn't.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Work has been pure hell this week with end of month, so I am off for a tall Jack and Coke and a long, hot (well warmish) bath, and curl up in the air conditioning with a good movie!