Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blog failure

So, at what point does one just throw in the towel and admit they are a blog failure anyway?

Posting twice a year is rather pathetic, yet I will forge ahead sending meaningless drivel into cyberspace. Since we last had a recap, so much has happened I don't even know where to begin quite frankly. Let's just hit the high points shall we? Ok good, hold on to your hats.

In November my handsome Prince and I took a whirlwind 2 week vacation to see family and friends. 2100 miles in 10 days reminded me quite quickly why we prefer to be homebodies for sure. First, we headed to my old home town in Lander, Wyoming to see my son, his beautiful wife, my sister, and my adorable new niece. We got to spend Thanksgiving with them and I was able to show my husband a few of the more scenic places in the area.

Yes, my son and his wife really do love each other! Isn't it obvious lol? This was taken after spending 2 hours hiking in knee deep snow to cut a Christmas tree for them. No, it wasn't a planned event. Laura had on dress shoes and Zachary and I were wearing cowboy boots. Not
ideal foot attire but we did snag them a lovely tree.

Isn't this view breathtaking? Note to self, so is the road in the winter. All the years I lived here the road it closed at the bottom due to snow. This year it was smooth sailing, until we hit the first hairpin turn to head up the mountain.

This next shot is from Sinks Canyon just outside of Lander. A majestic place where I spent countless hours of my youth exploring. Just a few feet from here is a place called the Rise where the river running through here forms a pool that is chock full of large fish to feed by hand. No
fishing allowed, trust me.

See the fish? You stand on a giant platform that goes out over the water for viewing. And yes I had to zoom to get this shot.

This is the Sinks. So named as the river disappears into this giant cave. See my wacky son standing down there? Let's zoom back out for a better perspective.

There are actually a series of caves and tunnels down there. Only crazy kids are brave enough to attempt those. I made it once past the first cave. Not the brightest tool in the shed in my younger days.

If you ever find yourself in Wyoming, plan a day trip to Lander. Lovely town full of even better people. I got to see my high school best friends which absolutely made the trip for me.

This is my sister and my little niece Easton. She is such a tiny little thing and good as gold. I don't think the poor thing got to lay down once while we were around.

So, after a week in Lander we headed to Utah to see my daughter and her family. I'd like to say I have photos of my little Summer, but I'd be lying. She was too busy playing to hold still for pictures with Grammy for sure! Let's just say this was taken then shall we lol?

We had a terrific time with them, but sadly all good things must come to an end and we had to return home. Christmas was uneventful this year with no kids here to share it with us. Just not the same to celebrate it with just each other I am afraid.

Shortly after our return, my Prince decided he hadn't given me enough trouble in awhile so he had some major surgery to repair some aortic aneurysms and have 5 stents placed. Good thing I love him as he is a less than stellar patient I assure you!

Fast forward to February and we had to make another trip to Utah after my mother in law passed away. Such a sad and difficult trip. I am extremely blessed to have known here and be part of her wonderful family. She was 87 and had endured more in her lifetime than any other soul could have ever done. A true inspiration to all who knew her. Since we were close, we also went for a quick visit to see the daughter. We had hoped that the new baby could be born while we were there. No such luck.

But then on March 6, she made a grand entrance and joined our wonderful family!

Meet my little Savannah! A beautiful little bundle of joy! Her big sister is smitten with her as well. Doesn't seem possible that my baby just turned 22 yesterday.

So, there you have it. The grand events of the last few months. The good, the bad, and the ugly shall we say? Hope everyone is having a good start to this year.