Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday again?

Is it really Monday again? Seriously, wasn't it just Friday? A whirlwind weekend blew thru here and now I don't know where it went. I have vague memories of:
1. a pile of laundry that somehow morphs into a larger pile despite the continuous splash of agitation on my washer, and the inevitable ping of coins revolving in the dryer
2. the sudden realization at 3am on Saturday morning that the old married couple were still awake and upright in the living room after a marathon viewing of Brothers and Sisters on DVD
3. somewhere in the blurred images my Christmas decorations found their way to the appropriate storage bins now hiberating in the garage (yes, you heard it here first, the dumb blonde FINALLY took down the Christmas tree).
4. Fast forward to 2 straight days of cooking and cleaning and decorating to prepare for the annual Superbowl feast, I mean party.
5. hours of manual labor to clean up the scraps of remaing food, decor, noisemakers, empty bottles, cans, glasses, scrubbing rock hard baking sheets of remnants of scorched hot wing sauce
6. numbly searching for eye drops around 3 am Monday after another marathon run to devour back to back episodes of House on USA Network.

So, where did that weekend go again? Just sat around doin' good old nothing. How bout you?