Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Why would anyone pay $500 for this chair from Wisteria? Seems to me like it would be much better to get your own branches and save yourself about $490 dollars on this resin version. Cool chair? Yes. More money than sense? Absolutely.

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Lynn at the Vintage Nest is celebrating a milestone and has a totally cute giveaway as well.

New Poll for Readers

Please notice the new feature on the sidebar. I am curious as to reader favorites and have added a poll for this. If you chose other, please leave me a comment here with your favorite type. I love all sorts of flowers and can never choose what to plant next.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

One project down-one million to go

Well, best intentions, but I was only able to complete the blanket for the birthday gift. I am now hoping to complete the pillow in time for Valentine's Day. In fact, I am now in hopes of completing two-silly fool I am. I was thinking I may have enough material between the shirt and pants to do another pillow for his mother as well. She is having a really tough time lately, so I may only depress her more.

He loved the blanket as it was Army green solid on one side with green camo on the other. As usual I forgot to take a picture to show, but I think it turned out well indeed. I made it extra long as he is a big guy, over 6 feet, and it goes from his head well past his toes.

Prince Charming is again gone to the ranch to assist with his mother. Took him two days to make the trip (usually 8 hour drive)due to ice/snow etc. She has had increasing pain over the last month, and it now appears she will need to have a hip replacement to alleviate this. If it weren't for her failing mental health and general health I would heartily agree to this plan. She has already had one hip replaced and both knees and did very well with those. She stayed here with us for several months after both knee operations, although she hated it as would we all would when you just want to go home. She lives in such a remote area (100 miles dirt road to the nearest town) and it was the only safe way to be sure she had what she needed. Now, she is becoming very frail and memory is failing more each day. There is family staying with her, but still... He is taking her to the specialist on Thursday with my legal size list of questions to ask about potential treatments for her.

I love the woman as if she were my own mother and it just kills me to see her this way. Sometimes I wish I had no medical knowledge at all as I'm afraid circumstances like this bring home "ignorance is bliss". Until her three joint replacements, she had never been sick a day in her life, never been in a hospital (including having her 5 kids), and has never taken anything stronger than asprin. Narcotics make her have horrible hallucinations, so her options are very limited. It makes me hurt to see her in pain when I can't just "fix it". Prince Charming is the oldest of the children and has been designated the "official mom-problem-solver" as the others aren't ready or willing to face the inevitable fact that she is not going to be around forever. It is so hard for him to be the "adult" in this whole mess. I went through the same thing already with both of my parents and I can see the writing is clearly on the wall. Doesn't make it any less painful though.

Well, best get back to work and earn some money to support the circus. Maybe I'll just watch the snow for the millionth day in a row instead.