Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October has begun

I seriously wish someone could tell me where the time is going! Everything is a blur these days it seems. Then, this morning, I head to my trusty home office to discover it is time for yet another calendar page. WOW! This means dear old mom better get a grip shortly as it is a mind blowing 2 weeks until the child Prince has a birthday. Not to mention time to decorate, prepare the yard for cooler weather, the list is endless. I did manage to glitter two pumpkins last weekend for my dearest friend and her mother. However, I never made it to mine so still have that to finish. Prince Charming is giving me the "look" as it seems everything we touch is covered in glitter these days. Not the ideal cowboy accessory it seems. Men, they just have no sense of style, HA!
Anyway, I found some rather cute clip art while surfing the web, I mean diligently working, and thought I could at least share with anyone who may be interested in them. Just jumped out at me, so if you want one, feel free to grab it.

The Princess is slowly recovering from surgery, although this is day 3, which is notoriously the worst no matter what form of surgery you have. Pretty sure she would rather wake up in a week or so and find this was all a bad dream. Hoping to have time to make her a bit of dinner tonight to take over. Also have a spice cake mix screaming from the depths of the cupboard I want to bake. I found some canned "gasp, yes I said canned" frosting at the store that says it is less sugar so will give that a whirl. Hey, a working girl has to do whatever it takes anymore. Besides, Prince Charming has a zillion health issues so anything I can do to make the taboo treats even a trace healthier is better. So, better get some work done if I plan to accomplish anything today.

Happy October to everyone and I hope you have a great day!

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Susie Jefferson said...

From Susie Jefferson

Can you pls email me, so that I can send the truffle recipe on to you? It's a picture, 150dpi, so you should be able to read it or print it off just fine.