Thursday, October 2, 2008

BHG ideas to share

The Better Homes and Gardens website has some terrific inspirational ideas posted these days for the holidays. All photos from this post are from that site and I thought some were quite clever. The one above had to come because it reminded me of my TLC cat!

This idea just was simply funny to me, ya, sick sense of humor but I love it. The wheelbarrow dumping bones in the yard, genious I say!

This one really deserves an award from somewhere. Seriously, a blow up yard ornament attached to the chimney like it is climbing? I have seen this in stores and it is HUGE. LOVE IT! Now, if I only had a chimney.....

This one is so darn simple it makes your head spin. They used glass paint, but come on, just stick on some of those adhesive felt pieces cut in shapes and you don't have to have a halloween glass forever lurking in the cupboard. I'm seeing turkeys, santas, hearts, easter eggs etc in the future around here.....

This is just plain cute and easy. I think they used like a florist wire for the legs, but hey, what's wrong with a black pipe cleaner. Yep, I am lazy.

I also liked this simple display on the napkin, but the napkin fold is what made it. (site also has the folding instructions for several other patterns too) Kind of looks like it belongs there somehow, doesn't it? But hey, nobody says you can't paint the darn pumpkin (or gourd) any darn color you want to coordinate with a napkin of choice. Thinking it needs some felt leaves, or simply dried leaves on the pumpkin though for a bit more pop.

So, check out the Better Homes and Gardens web site for a zillion more ideas, some fancy, some simple. They are also doing a 1000 days of holiday special that looks kind of interesting too.


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...'ve been a busy poster. Hope Princess is doing better now. No one told me the first time I shot a shot gun to hold it tight against my shoulder. BOOM! Knocked me right on my keister! And all the guys were laughing like crazy. said...

Stick on shapes is exactly what I thought when I saw those glasses! Great idea!