Monday, September 8, 2008

Sad day in the neighborhood

I am afraid it is a rather sad week in our neighbor hood here. Quite a bit of reflections in the old gazing ball have tears in their eyes. Lets just sum it up quickly and spare everyone the gorey, boring details.

1. I now have a very unstylish boot to wear on my broken foot for several weeks. I was cleaning my carpets, and on the way to empty the container, slipped on the kitchen floor. Quite a site I am afraid as my foot went sliding into the counter, followed by my knee, then tweaked my back which went the other direction with the water bucket. After 4 days of not being able to walk on my left foot despite the black toes and swelling, I went to the dreaded doc who informed me my toes were fine, but have a crack in the bone of my foot and a chip in the end of the same bone. So now have to wear this monster boot for at least 2 weeks. At least the swelling is down and the color is returning to a more normal state. The boot does help a ton or else I have to walk on the side of my foot.

2. Three of my coworkers suddenly resigned and left the two of us remaining with a ton of work. This means I get to fly to LV next week with my lovely boot for the day to help sort the mess. I hate spineless people who turn in notice at the exact same moment at 11pm on a holiday weekend after a company has literally bent over backward to help them for months. Really gets me ya know. Means good old me has more work than I can stand, but will get thru it but little time for play.

3. Biggest news is the Princess wedding is officially cancelled. He "doesn't want to be with her anymore and just wants to be friends". No explanation, no nothing. Princess is simply devestated and wants to hide. I am so upset I don't know what to do. I had just ordered all the personalized items etc, invitations are out, the pool enclosure is nearly complete with $1000 worth of plywood, the dress is hanging with all its accessories, and the rental home is set to move in on Saturday. She wants to move anyway although she can just barely afford it and I can't talk her out of it. We are all just stunned and not sure what to do next.

So, forgive me while I likely disappear for awhile to tend the princess and plot my voodoo punishment for the run a way groom.


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Well at least you don't have to glitter all those pumpkins now! Just kiddin'. Lisa I don't know what to say about the wedding being called off except perhaps it was the way it should be and the reason why will be seen in the future. So so sorry about your foot. I have had to wear one of those lovely boots too a couple of years ago. Got easier over time. This past May I slipped on a wet floor and did an unwanted split. The next morning I could not walk. I had torn my hamstring. It's still not right. I can't run. I really think you need that mud slide. Bobby G. makes a great one. Fly out here and enjoy one with me. :) said...

Oh my, how awful! Are you honest with us, or did you really break your foot kicking the un-groom in the seat of his pants???

Aren't our kid's heartbreaks so sad for us too?

good luck at the airport with the foot, that can't be easy.Take care.

JoAnne said...

Ouch! I hope your foot feels better real soon.

I wish there was some sort of "boot" you could put on your daughter's heart to make it feel better. I can't imagine what your family is going through. I've enjoyed following your wedding plans. I am sorry that all of your love and hard work are being wasted by that cad. Smiles, JoAnne

Anonymous said...

I have been enjoying your blog...until this one! What a month! You poor kid! Sounds like something out of the book of Job in the Bible!
I always hate it more when someone hurts one of my kids...
Sooz in Dayton

Carol said...

oh heart breaks for your "princess". i once read that when we have children, our hearts will be living outside of our bodies for the rest of our lives. i know that her pain is your pain....keep the faith.

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

So sorry about your foot. I broke mine a few years back and it is kind of ~ inconvenient to say the least.

Those ex-co-workers of yours are probably friends with your almost once was to be son-in-law. Those spine~less, backbone~less people normally always stick together. Better for your princess to find out now. . . than later.

I ONLY wish my daughter's boyfriend would take a hike!!!!