Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Note to self.........

Well, the last few weeks are simply a blur. I have finally completed the wedding invitations, all that remains is the dreaded trip to the post office to determine the necessary postage for them so I can get them mailed. If my camera battery weren't dead, I would post pix for you to see. Note to self, NEVER volunteer to make these blasted things again!

Next I suppose I better get busy making the bouquets. Note to self, NEVER volunteer to make these blasted things again! At least there are only 2 of these to make in silk as the Princess wants fresh calla lilies for hers. Then again, will need multiple arrangements for various tables, etc. Note to self, NEVER volunteer to make these again!

The project after that will be to make multiple wedding cakes. See, Princess wants multiple smaller cakes instead of a large one. So, one will be a small 3 tier, then various others in graduating sizes. Note to self, NEVER volunteer to make these again!

At least the Princess has her gown, veil, tiara, etc, etc. I am desperately seeking a 3 photo locket to attach to her bouquet. I would like to insert a photo of her father/stepmom, Prince Charming/my sorry ol self, and the center with Princess/Groom. I think this would be a lovely keepsake for her to have and something she would not expect. I have searched high and low on ebay etc and have only found one, but alas was a day late and a dollar short. So, if any blogger friends run across one, please let me know!

She still needs to do the alterations to the gown (can you say hurry up already), decide on shoes, hair, etc. Bridezilla doesn't begin to describe what we have sunk to these days friends. Let's just say dear old Mom is fed up with this circus!

Oh, did I fail to mention I have a living room corner full of white pumpkins to glitter? Menus to plan and cook and serve? You guessed it, Mom has been designated wedding coordinator, baker, florist, planner, caterer, and all around day labor! Note to self, if son ever marries, just give him a check to elope and tell him to send a post card. Note to self, NEVER volunteer to do this again!!!! Especially when he is now saying he likely can't attend as the boss won't give him time off (read between the lines, his girlfriend hates Princess).

Today I get a call from the stepmother who has taken over planning the bridal shower for the maid of honor (her daughter-yeah, don't ask) who tells me it will be a naughty nightie party and she is booking a local hotel suite as the casinos won't rent a space without tons of issues. Fine, whatever, just do it. I am trying folks to rise to the occasion and bite my tongue, but I am seriously thinking I will need some serious medication before this is over. I can't even go into all the gorey details, but let's just say having me in closed quarters with this woman may result in some very bad vibes that won't be good for anyone. Let's just hope its short and sweet and there is plenty of alcohol in my beverage................

One plus is, the future bride/groom are allegedly moving out on September 1! I say allegedly as it isn't Sept. 1 yet and the fat lady hasn't sung. Good news, they get the heck out of my house which may decrease some of the constant irritation. Bad news, it is literally across the street. Good news, they can get all this "crap" we are accumulating out of my way so I can work and live! Bad news, I am doomed with the wedding crap everywhere until October 21! Note to self, change locks, move and leave no forwarding address on October 22!!!

So blog friends, if you have made it this far in my ranting, I apologize slightly. But, where else can I let off steam if not my seriously lame blog. If you come across a locket, let me know. If you come across any incredible cake recipes, let me know. If you come across incredibly cheap Cinderella/candlelight wedding items, let me know. If you think I'm crazy, don't bother, I already know....

PS, Princess had her tongue pierced over the weekend just to piss me off! Note to self, thank your lucky stars every day you only had two children to irritate you and that they are still around to irritate you!


karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Oh, a wedding will do that to you. I'd say put some alcohol in your beverage now and take a break. Hit the glitter later on.

You will be glad you did all these chores when it is all pulled togehter and looks so special and unique. good luck!

Vintage Tea said...

Wow... busy, busy!

Victoria x

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hey Lisa, I had a wedding rehearsal party out here last Fall in October and just the planning for that was crazy and then of course I had planned for the bulk of it to be on the screened porch and deck and of course it threatened storms all day. I wish I lived closed to you so I could help make stuff. If we lived nearby I think we would be close friends. Take a deep breath and a lot of Mud Slides. :) Lynn

Anonymous said...

I'm glad for you that you are getting to do all this...this will be your only daughter and her wedding. Take time to pause and enjoy her...when you sit down for the service, take a deep breath, relax and just smell the roses!
Hugs from N. NV