Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I wanted to share my latest craft project. I had seen a similar project in one of the many magazines I read and had to give it a try myself. The original was done with real pumkins, but I have never been able to simply follow directions and recreate an original idea. Instead, I used the foam craft pumkins for a more permanent display. Luckily, my Prince Charming was able to give me a hand when I was ready to scrap the whole project as I wasn't finding any form of glue that would hold the pumpkins together.
I used wooden skewers to hold one to the next with a touch of superglue for good measure. Then he used the wonderful power tools to drill a center hole in the bottom of the two closest to the basket. A wooden dowel was screwed to the basket and inserted in the bottom pumpkins. Now, it was top heavy, so we resorted to needed some form of weight to stabilize the bottom. My Prince Charming wasn't going for my ideas, and instead turned to his trusty pile of old horse shoes (that are/were destined to become my garden arch and gates but that's another story). He found several that fit perfectly in the basket around the dowel. I filled the entire basket to the rim with floral foam, covered and pinned on spanish moss. Still wasn't quite right, so added some moss to the attachment point of each pumpkin. Better. Painted on the welcome greeting, and behold-the best fall welcome sign on the block.
Now, if the wind would ever stop blowing 4o MPH every darn day, I could set it outside for all to enjoy. Not that I don't trust my own creation to Mother Nature, but well...I don't! So, for now it is tucked in a corner of the entry to avoid the inevitable use by the cats for a new climbing adventure. Luckily, so far they are only fixated on trying to remove all the moss.
Pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself!

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