Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Here they are...

First I wanted to share my new sign purchased at the craft show on Saturday. I was so proud of myself at finding this as it is so perfect for our home. Little did I know, the "stray momma" cat from the last litter that brought us TLC, was at that very moment leaving me a present in my favorite chair on the back porch!

SIX LITTLE KITTENS! When I arrived proudly showing Prince Charming my new sign, he muttered "Yeah, better have a look on the porch and put the sign up quick!" Out I go to my favorite chair (recently equipped with new cushions and snuggle blankets for the cooler evenings I might add) to find poor Mom still in the midst of labor from hell. It was so chilly outside and she was just too exhausted to do more than push. Had to run in and get some towels and help her start drying off this little furry bundles. Apparently Prince Charming was out back early and noticed Mom laying on the concrete pavers under his work table and saw she was in labor. Being the sweetest cowboy around, he promptly picked her up and laid her on MY CHAIR to make her more comfortable. Wasn't sure whether I should just hit him with the new sign or hang it around his neck at first.... Guess I'll forgive him though since he is such an old softie and all...

I mean really, look at that face! You can see the tip of Mom's nose and whiskers to the left as she was getting a bit irritated with all my oogling her babies by this time and she just wanted a nap.

Now, let me remind you again, these are NOT my cats. I have never refused an animal in need that has appeared at our door in my life. I refuse to bond with these tiny critters. For crying out loud I still have a three legged monster from the last litter climbing my curtains as I write this!!!!! So, I'll do what I can to keep them safe and warm for now, but eventually they ALL will have to go find a new home. Period. NO exceptions!

I repeat, NO EXCEPTIONS! I refuse to love that cute little furry face, or that one, or that one, or that one, or that one, or especially that one. Enough already!