Friday, March 21, 2008

Another rambling...

Well, the Princess is now officially 18 for one week. Miracle I survived this one for sure. For some reason this one really made me feel quite old to think that now both of my children are officially adults. Just wonder exactly when they are required to act like it? Maybe never I guess.
The Princess did get the tattoo which was of a butterfly on the back of her shoulder. Larger than I would have liked *(really would have prefered NONE) about 2 inches across etc. It has dark borders with color fills of pink and blue. She incorporated stars into the butterfly wings like she wanted. It really is rather pretty, just wish it were somewhere except on her body. It will be interesting to see the end results in a few months as it takes some time for full healing and effects to be complete.
She also compromised on the piercing and ended up with a belly ring. Funny part is that hurts her more than the tattoo does! Mean Mom that I am can't help but give her a friendly pat once in awhile to remind her of her desired self mutilations. At least she appears to be taking care of them correctly to prevent infection etc. She was quite pleased with everything.
My senses have been continuously assaulted since last week with strains of Guitar Hero from the Play Station I gave her. Only makes it worse to know it is Legends of Rock (otherwise known as old stuff) that I actually used to think was music in high school. The names come up for selection and they look at me to determine if it is a good song to try or not. Because, you are old mom, so you know the songs, we don't. Will someone please come scratch the CD so I don't have to hear Pat Benatar "hit me with your best shot" again? Pretty please!!!
She also received the FIFA Soccer 2008 as she was heavily involved in soccer until 2 years ago. Tomgirl she is was a super goalie (=multiple ER visits) and I believe she misses it a lot. The darn game is pretty lifelike and she is impressed as she can even control the goalie. I can tell when she has "taken over" as the goalie begins the wild ass dances she used to do to get the ball. Find myself cheering at the damn players on the television like it were a real game! Can you say get a life dipshit? Now the boyfriend is secretly working to improve his skillls when she is gone so he can make an attempt at beating her on the game. That's about as likely of happening as me beating her. NOT!
Anyway, another milestone behind us and a million more to go. There is even talk of a wedding in the much more does she think this old chick can handle? Seriously.


Tara said...

This post had me laughing ans smiling!!

Very precious!


Aisling said...

Lisa, I fully sympathize with being the mom of an newly 18 year old. My oldest turned 18 this past week (haven't blogged about it yet; I'm waiting for it to sink in.) She got her tattoo while on exchange last year in Taiwan.

Great post; very funny.