Friday, March 7, 2008

Random ideas

For some reason I just felt like adding some random ideas found on the internet that called my name. Below is a very simple arrangement that screamed spring romance. How clever to stack graduated dishes, bowls, cups, whatever and insert some floral foam or water and add your choice of flowers or plants?

The next one is so simple I had to refrain from smacking myself for not thinking of it. Put your flowers in a small vase with water, insert that vase in a larger one, then fill the outer space with jelly beans! You could do multi color flowers with multi color jelly beans, or go for the monocromatic look with select flowers and jelly beans. Personally I severely dislike black jelly beans, but would be perfect in this in combination with some all white flowers like carnations or tulips. Plus, if you get desparate and the kids have stolen your candy stash, you have a back up just in case!

Now this idea is another duh moment. Simple popcorn balls. Tint the sugar syrup whatever color you want and make the balls into egg shapes. Love the display in sundae cups. Same darn thing would be a cinch with Rice Crispies. Green for Saint Patty's Day? Whatever color your kid likes for a birthday, especially to take for school treats. So much easier than the damn cupcakes that upend in the car and screw up the frosting!

Now, technically I'm off track here as it doesn't really scream spring, but clever none the less. Photo display in a stainless napkin holder, you know, like they have in resteraunts crammed so full you tear them to shreds trying to get one out. Two sided so you could have a picture on one side and maybe a saying on the other? Or in the center of your table with photo of the birthday guest and menu card on the other? Or a piece of paper for a pop of color on a book shelf. Just cut a template to fit the hole and size your picture accordingly.

Now, this is totally random, but he looked so forelorn sitting out there in cyberspace I had to bring him home. He would look so great hanging in my home, maybe a towel holder in the bathroom. Way too much money for me to spend, but cute to look at right here. (Can you say cow obsession?)

OK, only one more I promise. What a totally cute idea for a kids party, Easter snack, heck , summer with other candy. Ice cream cone with licorice handles and fill with whatever you like. These would be adorable in those display racks they have for cupcakes and such. Maybe even a simple party idea with a no-bake cheesecake or mousse filling (put a chocolate coating on the inside)? Easy for guest to eat and no plates, forks, etc to worry about for desert.

So, I hope these ideas will come in handy for someone out there. If not, too bad cause I just like looking at them myself. Have a great weekend!


Vintage Tea said...

Such great ideas, thank you for sharing!


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I absolutely loved all those ideas. I have done the one with the flowers and jelly beans at Easter only I used bigger containers and inserted the big plastic colored Easter eggs and used lilacs and tulips. It was gorgeous. At Christmas I have used the red and white peppermint candies and red roses and green pine boughs...very pretty. Have a great weekend. Ours isn't looking so hot...lots of rain. ~ Lynn

Classic Charm said...

Wow never would have thought of these ideas, they are all so pretty and clever. I also want to thank you for coming to visit me, and no Wiener girl is not the one passing the notes - ha! I always love to read your comments, thank you.