Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Why does the human race live long enough for previously strong, independant, intelligent souls to become unable to remember their children, unable to independantly perform their own daily care activities, and unable to perform simple tasks that were always taken for granted?

Why does the human race sustain life for those who have been given every opportunity to have the best that life can offer them, yet they chose to pursue avenues that are illegal and self destructive? Why must these same individuals be allowed to seek consolation from the very beings that gave them a chance to do good but were blamed when another path was chosen?

Why must the human race feel guilty for doing the best we can with the avenues available to us, but manage somehow to never measure up to "good enough" status?

Why do the "weakest links" in the human race manage to slide thru even the worst of times, while those who choose to go the extra mile are forced to endure the wrath of the consequences of the weak?

Why do we allow others to treat us as simple trash to be discarded on a whim or retrieve in the event the same trash may be considered to have some monetary value to redeem?

Why do we silently bite our tongues rather than speak the truth that no one wants to hear for fear it may hurt someone's feelings, while secretly inside we are dying our own, quiet, agonizing death?

Why do humans not feel the need to accept responsibility for our own actions and yet insist on forgiveness by simply saying we are sorry and a idle promise of it won't happen again?

Why do we demand respect and trust after repeatedly demonstrating that these values do not exist in our physical or chemical being time and time and time again?

Why to human's chose to avoid difficult situations and let the burden of dealing with life fall to someone else? Why do those same humans then raise blame on those who are left to do what no one else will because it has to be done?


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Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Lisa are you having a bad day? Come on over and let's fix some umbrella drinks and sit by the pool or in it and be lazy. :) I have made that krispy creme bread pudding and to be honest with you I thought it was way too cloying sweet. It wasn't a keeper for me. ~ Lynn