Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mama Has Bling Baby!!!!

A while ago now, I was admiring the items at Lynn's shop "The Vintage Nest". She has so many lovely items! I stumbled upon her page for switch plate covers and was in love. Remember, my Prince is a certified cowboy, so my world mainly takes on a more masculine, western, muted tone. Real cowboys don't do bling, well at least not white linens, floral print, glittery, rhinestone goodness kind of bling. You know, the kind I admire in everyone elses blog and homes. It's ok though, small price to pay for the love of your life. So, while I was admiring the pretty ones in Lynn's store, I knew that there was no way Prince was going for any of that here. No sir. Then it struck me, I wonder if she could do some custom ones that would fit in a bit more with our decor and not cause grounds for divorce. Something western with a "touch of bling". Can't hurt to ask right? Well, being the kind, creative, genious she is got right to work and sent me loads of absolutely perfect things to choose from. See, I want to redo my bath that was formerly occupied by the Princess, and as it happens to be the "guest" bathroom, I wanted to make it a bit special.

Mere days later I had an email they were ready and on the way. Now, if I were a good blogger, I would have contained my excitement and taken pix of every delicious step of opening the package. Feast for the eyes I tell you! Pink goodness, adorable tissue with little nests adorning it, and then it just got better. Now, in my defense, I did take some pix to share, so here we go on a tour of my goodies.

Hey, at least I thought of it after the fact. See that yummy pink sticking out! Was such a beautiful presentation!

Not exactly your pro photographer, so this is blurry, but you get the idea anyway. Tucked among my purchases were these, a lovely note from Lynn, a delightful tag, LOVE it. So after I carefully (who are we kidding I had paper flying faster than you can imagine) unwrapped my goodies I found this:

Now folks, I saw the background pictures prior to receiving them. I settled on two that are movie adds as my Prince is also a former stunt man and I thought that would help swing him to my side of this little folly. But no way did I expect anything to look this terrific!

This was my initial special request as the room has a double plate at the door. I want to go with a semi western theme, with silvertone accents in the room. So look at what I got will you?! Genious I say, come on, face it. A outlaw movie with a Marshal badge and a silver boot!

This was the second one I chose as I felt it really went on the same theme with the first one. Same movie kind of deal. Plus Prince worked on the TV show Gunsmoke, so hello, not a stretch for him to like it right? Love the leather circling the photo!

Then because she just gave me too darn many choices, I had to get this too. How clever can you be to use this for adornment on a hat add? My kitchen is in black and white, so may use it there. Or I may be selfish and put it in my home office. LOVE IT!!

So I sigh very contentedly, but then I see the note, and what appears to be more tissue. What the heck? I open the note to see this lovely woman sent me an extra~! Originally I had admired some of the pix she sent of the old time ladies in all their dress glory, hats, jewels etc. I figured Prince wouldn't go for that, better be safe with the cowboy deal and be happy. So Lynn being the kind, generous soul she is sends me Mae West in all her glory as a surprise!!!!!!!

Would you look at the lovely lady sporting BLING!?! Blue rhinestone bling! She is stunning!

Now you tell me, won't any of these be more beautiful than what I have been living with?

Or this?

Thank you Lynn from the bottom of my heart! They are more than I ever imagined possible. Western, cowboy, and yet a touch of bling! Then to receive an extra from you was SO unexpected and I shall cherish it forever! By the way, the Prince is very pleased which is no small compliment, trust me! Thank you for my own special switchplate covers, and I am so happy to have my own bling! I hope to have the bathroom decor finished soon so you can see them in the room.

If you haven't visited Lynn yet, please drop in a view her wonderful shop of vintage treasures at


Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Now those are some mighty fine switch covers, if I do say so myself!!



CatHerder said...

those are AWESOME! I especially love the mae west!