Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Movie suggestions please

OK Blog friends, I am need of your assistance. See, things have been just a tad too stressful around the old homestead these days. Frankly, my mind and body are plain worn out. I am ready for a good old fashion movie marathon. You know what I mean? The kind where you get out of bed only long enough to make fresh coffee, snacks, get more tissue, etc, etc. and just sit and watch movies til your little eyes bug out of your head. My kind of marathon for sure.

Anyway, I belong to Netflix (mostly because it is far cheaper than the late fees my procrastinating soul pays for not returning things on time) and I belong to the three at a time club as I call it. SO, here's the deal, if you could watch ANY three movies, back to back, non stop in one sitting, what would they be? Second, if you could watch any three movies, back to back, non stop that were complete tear jerker, blubbering idot, maybe happy ending all around kind of movies, what would they be?

I have a few favorites that I can and often do watch over, and over, and over again and every darn time I either cry, laugh, or remain otherwise glued to the screen start to finish. VERY few movies can do this for me, but there are a few. While I like movies with a real plot, I tend to get easily distracted and miss the part that is the ultimate key to the whole movie plot moment which leaves me frustrated and throwing the remote. What my overload head needs right now is mindless, gut clenching, thoughtless, emotional, knock your socks off love/hate/live happily ever after kind of movies.

Let me give you some examples:
1. Mask- with Cher and Sam Elliott. Now frankly you can put Sam Elliott in ANYTHING and I will be riveted like a hormonal teenager to the screen. But this one, oh be still my married heart. Prince knows all Sammy would have to do is bat his lashes at me and I'd be all over that man in two seconds flat. Not what your hubby wants to hear from his wife, but hey, he's been warned. Makes it worse when he tells me they worked together many times and he is as nice in person as he is to look at. Pathetic aren't I? Hey, at least I'm honest here. Back to the movie though, I can not watch this EVER, regardless of who I am with that I don't break down into near hysterical tears, not attractive in any form. The story gets me, the characters get me, the whole darn thing gets me each and every time.

2. Pretty Woman-please, must I explain why the mere thought that a lowly prostitute from now where ville can capture the heart of a rich hunk and still have it turn out great? Julia's laugh, rubbing the saleclerks noses into their own stupid assumtions, pure joy. I laugh, I cry, I sigh.

3. Life as a House-forgive me, but movie names, actor names, all far too much trivia for my little blonde brain, but another that gets me every single time. A broken family comes together for the good of the seriously messed up son, much laughter, many tears, and a ending that is both tragic and satisfying.

4. August Rush-a new must have to my list I admit. I own VERY few movies, in fact I only purchased ones that either I had to wait too long to rent, or I must admit we own most Disney and other children's selections. But this one is on my must buy list after seeing a few weeks ago. I let Princess "borrow" it before I saw it which was a huge mistake as they kept it for OVER a month and I literally had to pry it out of her DVD player to get it back. The first day they watched it 5 times in a row, non stop. I thought, great, that means I'll hate it. WRONGO!!!! A rather slow beginning about a boy in a orphanage who is convinced his parents will be there to get him. Slowly you learn that everything in his world is seen and heard in musical terms. He ultimately runs away to try and find his parents and his own perception of his world come to light in musical terms. Along the way he stumbles upon a rather disturbing Robin Williams who in his twisted way steers him along the wrong and right path to musical discovery. The sounds in the movie are awe inspiring, the story is emotionally charged, and I too wanted to watch it again and again.

5. Shall We Dance-this one makes me want to take dance lessons, cry, laugh, and cheer for the good guy every time. The story, the music, and Richard is pretty darn good to look at too!

So, now you see what I like. Tell me blog pals, what are your favorite choices for the days when you just want a good laugh or cry? What movies really get to the heart of your soul? What do you turn to on those days you would just rather not get out of bed?


CatHerder said...

Not really into tearjerkers...although terms of endearment always kinda does it for rather laugh...i like the stupid stuff like fast times at ridgemont high and harold and kumar...on a little more serious note i have always loved mystic pizza and practical magic as well as anything medieval like merlin or the mists of avalon......if i were to watch a marathon, though, it would have to be harry potter series or star wars....i really dont like anything too dark or heavy......i do think however the one movie i could watch 1000 times is smokey and the bandit (my redneck is showing)

Dawnie said...

I love Something to Talk about, Hope Floats and The Love Letter. The Love Letter with Kate Capshaw I could watch all day long..granted there is a part of the movie I dont agree with--but I overlook it because the almost the entire movie is to me--captivating. Something to talk about with Julia Roberts and Dennis Quaid is awesome to.

Cottage Way of Life said...

Hi Lisa-

I love Pride and Prejudice (the Keira Knightly/Matthew Macfadyen version). When Mr. Darcy comes walking across that mist-filled field, well, it gets me every time (and I think Donald Sutherland is fabulous as Mr. Bennet). I also love, love, love, Chocolat with Juliet Binoche and Johnny Depp (well, love, love, love, anything with Mr. Depp). It's wonderful and I don't get tired of seeing it. I really like Marie Antoinette too. It's so beautiful and it's so sad.

This time of year, I start to pull out the old movies I have to see. The top of that list is Holiday Inn with Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire. It covers all the holidays, has some great music, and is really a sappy love story with a happy ending. What more could you ask for?

Lisa said...

Thanks ladies, I had forgotten about some of these terrific films as well. Holiday movies, wow, my blonde brain didn't even go that far ahead, genius! Its a Wonderful Life, Rudolph, Grinch, love them!

JoAnne said...

Whenever I need a good cry I put in "Dead Poets Soceity" with Robin Williams. No matter how many times I watch it - I fall apart at the "Captain, My Captain" scene at the end. Actually I could a good cry these days, too. Now where's that movie?