Sunday, December 7, 2008

Birthday Bash

During our Thanksgiving trip, we also had to make additional travel for a birthday party for the Prince's uncle. They were having an 80th Birthday bash for him and despite the long way we could not miss this one. Uncle Bob suffered 3 strokes this summer and had complications following surgery to repair his carotid arteries. He is doing extremely well and NOTHING keeps this man down. There were literally hundreds of people who came by to wish him well and enjoy the party. These cowboys know how to party!

Look, a live band for a birthday party! How's that for classy? Not to mention the fact they were darn good too.

Below is the birthday boy on the right with his wife Betty. Look closely... Remember he has had several strokes and his coordination is still a bit off. The crazy woman still trusted him enough to two step with NO SHOES ON!!!! Here is the best part, he didn't step on her toes even one time!

The couple on the left is Prince's other uncle Clel and his wife Maureen. Clel has developed Alzheimers and has deteriorated rapidly over the last year. He still has some pretty good moments, but they are becoming fewer and farther in between. It is heartbreaking to see this strong, independant man losing his cowboy way of life before our eyes. He even knew us this time, which he didn't the last time we saw him in July. And seriously, when the music started-LOOK OUT! This old boy can dance and didn't miss a beat! Funny how you lose some parts and not others. Guess it is second nature to him as it didn't matter the tune, he knows the steps!

This one is precious to me. Prince and his 85 year old mom cutting the rug with the best of them! This woman is also declining rapidly, has had 2 knee replacements along with a hip. She is VERY unsteady even with her cane and her memory is also fading before our eyes. I'm not even sure she knew it was my Prince she was dancing with at this moment, but she was having the time of her life regardless. All night she kept saying I wish I could dance too, so they finally made it to the floor just before we had to leave. She is still talking about it today.

And finally, a very, very poor photo of the gang at our Thanksgiving feast. Well actually, this is during our second desert round but hey, what did you expect? Right before the Prince opened his birthday present which was a shiny new GPS system. Wanna mess with a GPS system? Take it to the middle of nowhere Utah and I promise, that woman gets so confused she doesn't know where to tell you to turn! Just remember, even if she says turn right, better make sure there is really a road there! HA! Thank God the Prince can navigate those roads with his eyes closed. Now, if only he can do the same with the GPS in our little city my life will be pure bliss!

On the left is Laurie, Prince's daughter who is staying with Mom, then the Prince, then Dana the SIL, then Bret his brother who just had his 3rd surgery on his wrist, then Mom with her back to the camera. The table in the photo was made by her grandfather in the early 1900's (yeah, the chairs don't match-they go to an old table we gave her she refused to use).


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I hate getting old! And I am not doing it gracefully.

La Donna Welter said...

Thank you for taking the time to drop by and leave such a nice note about my papercuttings. Thank you!
I have enjoyed my visit to your blog, what a wonderful way to meet you! : )