Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nancy at


has tagged me to list six unimportant things about myself. Wow, how can I limit it to just six? Hmmm, let's see:

1. I hate to wear shoes. Don't get me wrong, I love cute shoes and have way too many, but I refuse to wear shoes unless I absolutely have to.

2. I hate socks even more than I hate shoes. Rarely will you see me with socks on, even if I do wear shoes. I hate the awful toe seams that get bunched up in your shoe and drive you crazy. yep, most of the time my feet are bare naked. Doesn't matter if I am taking the garbage out in the snow, feeding the birds in the ice, sloshing thru mud...bare feet are the only way to go!

3. I love black and white cows. The more pathetic or ugly the better. I have them all over the house including a real hide on the back of my chair.

4. I don't like the taste of beer or wine. Seriously not even a little bit. I'm a Jack Daniels kind of gal. Suppose it has anything to do with the fact that it has a black and white label?

5. I can improvise like no body's business. Makes the Prince pull out the few hairs left on his head! Yep, I can use a butter knife like a screwdriver, a heel of a shoe makes a fine hammer, chewing gum to fix a hem in my pants (don't use double bubble though unless you are wearing jeans!)-whatever it takes, I'll make it work.

6. I drink coffee 24/7. Literally. Too many years of night shifts in CCU I think.

There, six useless pieces of drivel to bore you to pieces. I'm supposed to tag people, but I don't think that many even read this blog. So, play along if you were unlucky enough to see this post of way too much information about my silly self! Or not, I won't hold it against you. Well, not for too long at least!


CatHerder said...

I think we may have been separated at birth lol...HATE HATE HATE shoes and socks..i dont mind flip flops though if theyre comfortable....and im a boviniac. love cows...have three rubbermaid tubs in the attic full of cow stuff lol! AND JD...yes one of the top drinks of choice!

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

I'm seeing it, but I ain't playing it. Too busy ;)

Merry CHRISTmas!



Judy said...

Lisa I love it!!! You are so cute. I also hate anything on my feet. I am barefoot unless I have to put the things on to go to work etc. I don't like anything on my hands or head either. I need to catch up on your posts. I've had a busy week and haven't had time to post or visit.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Lisa, I knew you were a girl after my own heart as I do bare footed too...all year long and yep in the snow too. LOL....and like you I must have 100 pair of shoes (half of them black)in my closet. Can't get enough of cute flats. I just bought the ugliest pair of walking shoes ever for our Christmas trip. We leave Friday. I hope you and yours have the best Merry, Merry ever. And I love your little piece of paradise in the earlier post. :)