Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh so pretty

I stumbled upon some pretties that made me smile. Now how could I NOT show you a gazing ball, I mean really. First, what a unique gazing ball this is! Metal leaves and flower petals interlocking, raised detail, color, shine, depth. Now, for a sugar daddy to shell out the cash for it and we would be in business. This place has the most incredible ones, some are twisted metal that look like vines, twigs, yummy. But, as with most this equals EXPENSIVE! I think this beauty is around $70! Now, in fairness, my current ball in the header was a much heftier price than I normally pay for garden items. The weather here is just too extreme and I'm too lazy to bring things in. The one I currently have was about $45, but after my children SHATTERING a minimum of 15 plus of the cheaper ones, I bit the bullet and got one that is guaranteed not to break. So far, I have had it over 5 years, out in 108 degree desert full sun and minus 15 degree winter snow and ice. No cracks even when hit by the run away croquet ball, tumbled down the stairs and hit concrete during a wind storm. Yep, it was worth every penny as never had one last a full season let alone a calendar year. Mine is only having a slight issue with whatever the clear coat is peeling off and a bit of the color. Next time it will be a plain color stainless one then it won't matter. If I were rich instead of so darn good lookin' (HA HA HA), I would have one of ALL of them scattered everywhere. I love the new glass with the special powder embedded that makes them glow, but already had one bird bath made of this glowing goodness. First nip of frost and the thing busted in million pieces. So, not sure the gazing ball is my kind of deal.
(I apologize for during my wondering in space, I simply collected photos of things that appealed to me over several days. I did not think to write down where most were from, mostly to prevent my return to the same place to subject myself to more wanting that I can't afford. Safer this way, but not fair to those peddling the wares in case someone else wants one) The next one is just plain cute. Seriously bird cages with practical hooks? With all the bird lovers out there who can resist? Besides, I remember where this was, a delightful and pocket friendly place called Terry's Village. Think it was like under $5 for the pair.

Along the same theme (and place) I found this one. Again, birds, cute, and practical with around a $5 price tag. How annoying is it to set out your perfect picnic only to lose those napkins to the pesky breeze? Yeah, I know a rock is cheaper, or in my case the pickle jar or whatever is close. But I think it would even be cute on the counter to hold those receipts or notes that pile up. Please tell me I'm not the only one with the piles, HA!

Now this one I almost stopped my self to ponder even longer and actually buy it. Lucky for me, the practical gal in me slapped myself silly instead and settled for the pix. But it was seriously close for a minute..... Flower frogs! Cute, practical, and cute. Wait, I said cute didn't I? Come on, does this cute thing not just make you smile? I keep eying them on eBay and watching prices go thru the roof for the old ones made of metal. Some day I will have a large collection, just because. They can be used for so much more than flowers, although the purist in me would love to see them set out in a shallow bowl of water with blooms just like this. But then, in the dead of winter, like about, oh yeah, NOW, re purpose as a great photo holder, greeting card holder, recipe holder in the kitchen, business card holder on my desk, post it holder, whatever you want!

After admiring Lynn's new bird eggs over at the Vintage Nest, and subsequent story of their demise during rain storms (serious bummer that maybe a bit of peanut butter in the mix could at least slow the problem), I really like this idea. Reusable bird feeders for various kinds of food. One holds seed, one holds suet, and others for the likes of fruit, peanuts, corn or whatever your feathered friends prefer. You can wash them, hang them anywhere, and they are also rather cheap.

This one made me again pause with the dreaded purchase me NOW feeling. How adorable for a pal who loves to play in the dirt like me? A Wellie planter, twine, copper plant tags, and some girlie cotton gloves to protect those "delicate" hands from the elements. You can use the planter to grow some wonderful seeds, love it with a bit of trailing flowers, or with a saucer you could even use it as a vase during a outdoor party. Or prop your silverware in it at a BBQ, store some garden tools. Yep, again, practical and cheap and cute. Sagey green goodness.

I have also been eyeing these incredible candles for a couple years now. Seems like each catalog has their own version with a vast array of price points, most of which were a bit too steep for a cheap girl like me. This one was a staggering $16.99, yep even old thrifty me can dig up that much change in the bottom of my purse most days. Now, what I was drawn to the first time I saw them was the claim that you put up the amount of candle you want to burn to about level of the little clip deal, light it, then when it burns to that level it goes out. OK, so anybody out there got one of these little devils and is it true? Inquiring minds want to know if this is one of those yippee it works kind of deals, or why the heck did I waste my money kind of deals?
Several places have refills in different colors like red, green, white etc. Then my overactive mind is like, girl, this will not work in the desert. You will do something retarded like take it outside for dinner, have way to much fun, leave it outside, suddenly remember about 3pm when the temp has reached the average 103 degrees and you now have a warped, solid candle snake. Or, another, OH, it is too pretty to use until several years pass and you have a candle with embedded cat hair which is NOT something you want to smell burning-trust me. But I was thinking it would be too cute in my not yet finished bathroom makeover where my new light switch covers are the ONLY bit of goodness to be found, STILL. Sorry Lynn, but at least your product is the shining star, right?

OK, so tell me blog friends. What have you spotted in your travels lately? What has you saying, "man, if I hadn't spent all my money before Christmas I could make a HAUL on this sale"? Stumble across any great Internet or store finds you could not live without? Nabbed up any of those "man, at this price I will find SOMEONE to give this to-gift-drawer-stash" kind of things? Anyone started their list for Santa yet for NEXT year? Come on, you already know my tree is still up. Spill it. Again am I the only one that searches for this stuff then KICKS myself because I didn't buy it, or worse yet because I did?


CatHerder said...

Why do i get the feeling that EVERONE is losing themselves in gardening catalogs this cold winter?? great pics :-)

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Girl, You are too funny!

Birdseed Eggs, Nope that wasn't me that lost hers in a storm...however they do tend to fall apart in a serious rain. The birds don't care. I read where egg whites were used for the glue.

I use the old metal flower frogs to hold photos in the family room.

Gazing balls....I have one a friend gave me for Christmas couple of years ago. Love it.

Now as far as the "wellie" planter goes...don't buy one! On my front porch I have a pair of rubber children's wellies in a zebra print. Been there for 3 years and still look great. In the Spring I fill the boots with water and put flowers in them. I always get compliments on them. Cost?....$1.00 at a yard sale but you could score a pair at Walmart or Target, etc.

What have I spotted on sale lately? Tons of stuff. Have I been buying? You betcha! All those clothes I have put off buying out of laziness or too expensive or whatever. Unbelievable!! I ordered a pair of black jeans (been wanting a black pair forever) over the internet never imaging they would fit and I would have to pay for sending them back therefore losing my savings. Wellllll....did you here that yelling with joy the other day? They fit....the black jeans fit! That's reason for the first party of 2009. Have a great day Lisa my friend.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Lisa, I wrote a really long comment but I am not at all sure it posted. Something didn't look right. :)