Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Birthday review

Birthdays at our house are done according to the birthday owner's desires. Usually it involves an activity and a meal followed by the ultimate cake. Some want to go out, some want to stay in and we have done some WILD activities over the years. But hey, birthdays are special so we try to accommodate the eclectic mix we call family. Princess is as unpredictable as they come. We have done the Ultimate Rush ride (well, she and Prince as NO WAY Mom is being suspended from a million foot pole and fly thru the air in a harness and sling), the usual roller skating, arcades, game playing, always something different. This year Mom got lazy as I needed to do the trial run of the cheesecake for the wedding, and frankly after working and being sick all week I couldn't stand the thought of leaving home. So, without the normal foot stomping pout, she agreed and we had a lovely day of fun (can you say Wii Fit will kick your butt if you are not 19?), watching movies, and eating our hearts out.

Best Brussel Sprouts! Seriously even my best friend who HATES sprouts ate two helpings of these babies! And yes, Princess insisted on Brussel Sprouts for her dinner.

Orange Duck! Seriously, what kid asks for duck for their birthday dinner? Yeah, that would be mine. So, off to the experimental test lab, I mean kitchen. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

And with a drum roll please...............

That's my girl, make a wish, and blow them all out!

Happy Birthday Princess! Excuse the lousy photo quality but I was determined to save the smoke wafting thru as a memento for her of what happens when you get "old" HA! Blow out 19 candles and suddenly the room is filled with the dreaded smoke haze as though you are really old like your mom!

Happy Birthday to my Princess! Not sure where the last 19 years flew off to, but I am so proud to have such a strong, intelligent, caring, adventurous, and wild child! No mother could ask for a better child to share her life with and I am lucky to be your Mom. My wish for you is a life of love, happiness, learning, and pure joy. My heart is full of joy for you and the beautiful young woman you have become and I know you will live each day with passion, determination, and no fear. Now, let's eat some white chocolate raspberry cheesecake shall we?

(Notice she is licking the cheesecake off the candles, yeah, nothing wasted around this place folks!)


CatHerder said...

yum!! everything looks SO GOOD! As for the wii fit...it called my husband "obese"...i dont think we ever laughed so hard..my sons had played it with friends, so when we got our "icons" our kids and friends are on there as well..some of the exercises have other people that "join" in...i feel like im exercising in front of my sons friends lol!!!! I LOVE the hula hoop one!

CatHerder said...


Lisa said...

I hear you, my fitness age was NOT my actual age and no it didn't make me younger either. Enough said! My husband however got a massive ten years shaved off and his only exercise these days is changing the remote channel. My Mii gal is styling though, Princess is furious as I wanted an updo-ha! Princess made a massive 320 on the hula hoop, my back is still recovering from a pathetic something like 50... My fav was the ski jump, got that nailed. Gotta admit, 30 minutes of activity will whiz by and you don't even know it except the sweat and elevated heart rate if you actually do it all out.. I did master passing the leader in the run and crack up if you go super fast you fall and tumble. Yeah, more realistic like I am really running that way! Tell hubs not to feel bad, the Prince was in the obese range too :)!

Vintage Tea said...

Is there any cheesecake left to share with us bloggers?!!!

Victoria xx

Cottage Way of Life said...

Looks like your Princess had a very nice birthday (and the cheesecake looks yummy!!!) Since it's not her actual birthday now, I'll just wish her a very happy unbirthday. ;-)

The Pissed Off Bride said...

Mmmmhh the brussel sprouts look good. . . and I don't like them. They look carmelized.

I agree with the fit. It is an excercise, especially the boxing.

Happy birthday to princess btw!