Monday, March 16, 2009

Productive weekend

Well, at least I have made some wedding progress, although not as much as I need to. This weekend I managed to:
1. Pick up both the wedding dress and my dress from the alterations lady. She did a terrific job with the bustle-made hand done beaded flowers to hide the buttons when the train is down. I still have to hold my breath, but is much better than it was prior to letting mine out about 3/4 of an inch which is all the material she had to work with.

2. Made a White Chocolate/Raspberry Cheesecake for the birthday party that was a hit-so now will make another for the wedding.

3. Completed bouquets for-myself, the maid of honor, the best person who is standing up with the groom, and the toss bouquet. Didn't want to risk throwing Princess's real one as she has decided on a long arm bouquet with only a few stems. They turned out pretty well. Threw together a couple of mixed centerpieces with the left over. Lots more to make.

4. Filled the tulle circles with the hot pink confetti. Used a mix of white/pink/brown circles but now wish had stuck to the brown. The light pink circle looks more dirty white against the others but oh well. Bought this crazy Eco friendly, biodegradable confetti- looks more like flakes of hot pink Styrofoam and doesn't throw real great (had to give it a try in the kitchen). I got it because it is supposed to dissolve in water so after we aren't picking up tiny confetti for years in the yard. Here's the kicker-it really does dissolve! Although the small amount I tried left kind of a slick film in the glass-note to self-don't wet down anywhere you want to walk while the stuff is still wet!

5. Decided we are going with the chairs and table mismatched mess we can borrow and use from here rather than rent. The money has flown out the window and it has to stop somewhere. Will it look tacky, yes. At this point I frankly don't care.

6. Bought another cake pan and did some research for some cake recipes. Now have to get the time to get the darn things made and frozen asap.

7. Bought a nice western suit jacket, new brown jeans, hot pink shirt, and brown silk tie with tiny silver horseshoes on it for Prince Charming to wear walking her down the aisle. He will look so handsome I can hardly wait. She will freak if she sees the horseshoes, so saving it for the last second of-oh by the way kind of deal.

8. My son says he is coming now, will hold my breath til I see the whites of his eyes but gotta trust that he will.

So, now that I look, OMG-I have to get a move on here people. We are struggling with the blue part of the equation. Any brillian ideas out there? She is wearing a new dress, borrowing my mom's diamond earrings, will tie the antque locket my mother had her photo and my dad in to her bouquet. We are stumped on the blue. She doesn't want a blue garter or underwear. Her hair is going to be spotlight with the veil and tiara but no way to affix anything to them anyway. I am running out of creative ideas here folks.


Gina said...

When I was my cousin's maid of honor (OK, matron), I bought her a very pretty, tiny pin with a blue stone. She could pin it to her garter or bra if she doens't want it to show, or in the folds of the dress/veil. Other ideas could be a blue-trimmed hanky or a blue anklet.

Judy said...

Sounds like everything is coming together. You are doing a fantastic job. Wish I could help you with the blue but I was thinking blue garter too. Have fun and enjoy it. I know you've got lots to do yet but it will all get done!!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Lisa, She has absolutely got to carry a vintage hankie (for dabbing at can borrow it too). Just get one with blue florals on it and lace. I can go thru my hankie stash and see if there is one you can use and can send lickidy split. :) Let me know asap.

CatHerder said...

Sounds like its going to be so much fun....when its all over with and you have time, you must post that raspberry cheesecake recipe!

Cheryl B. said...

a pinkie ring with blue in it - seeings how it sounds like you have a western theme going - a turquoise (sp?) ring?