Monday, September 21, 2009

The Plane! The Plane!

September in my city is packed every weekend with a wide variety of activities for all interests. The past weekend happened to be tailor made for race and airplane enthusiasts. Normally, a plane flying overhead commands only the briefest glance up. This weekend however, whether you like them or not, the world comes to a stop for several hours during the air races. Mostly because we live DIRECTLY in the flight path to a small airfield just down the road. So the roaring thunder of all sizes and shapes of planes makes my windows rattle and has caused some involuntary ducking by more than one family member as they whiz by and I swear you can feel the air disturbances.

Each year one of the large military teams is featured, and this year was the Blue Angels. Airshow viewing requires some strategic seating, especially those of us who are too cheap to by tickets for the show.

Welcome to our theater, may I support your ladder for you mam? Please remain seated during the show, we are not responsible for any falls that may occur due to stupidity! Notice the son-in-law perched rooftop? Yes Virginia, we are rednecks and proud of it! And yes, that is Bud Light in his hand!

The Blue Angels are a magnificent precision team, executing jaw dropping maneuvers, most of which make me nauseated just to watch. Right side up, upside down, sideways, they do it all at top speeds!

Notice in the one above, the smoke trail in the circle? Well look directly to the top of the circle on the left and you see a straight line? Yeah, the large group makes the circle, while one pilot heads straight up, then falls straight back down. Yikes! If you also look REALLY close you see two little heads on the roof next to us. See, redneck neighbors too!

This group flies so close you swear they will collide, pure beauty in the sky. Talent, skill, nerves of steel!

Now, most of you will think I zoomed the camera for this. NO I DID NOT!!! Pinky swear and everything. THIS IS HOW CLOSE THEY FLY OVER MY HOUSE!! You can read the writing on the plane, see the pilot in the cockpit, the whole nine yards. This my friends is why you all wish I would buy as real camera so you wouldn't be stuck looking at blurry, bad lighting photos I am sure. Oh well, good as it gets. The hard part about watching these shows is by the time you hear them coming, it is too darn late. Then the sound blast hits you full force and they are off to the next task. There were 4 in formation here, but as you see my shutter speed can't compete with a military jet for speed that's for sure!

See, now they have gone completely around and come back again!

This is one of my favorite ones, they fly formation straight up, then drop out at a perfect spacing and head away from the field, which means they head straight for us.
All this went on for over an hour, plus many other incredible sights from other talented people. Great weather, fun with family, and all for free. My kind of fun indeed! But seriously, if the Blue Angels come to a city near you, head out and support our troops and take part in this demonstration of talent that protects our great nation. Even if you aren't a redneck, buy a ticket, and give it a try. They won't disappoint you I promise!

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