Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Eternal flames

Ever just wish you could curl up by a crackling fire? Surround yourself with comfy blankets, perhaps a dog or cat, sip hot cocoa or a steaming cup of tea, mesmerized by the dancing flames before you, completely oblivious to the outside world crumbling in chaos? That's where my head is at these days. I would much rather cocoon myself in warmth than face the daily grind. Cool fall breezes may have triggered the yearning, or maybe is just the simple lunatics I face daily that have triggered my need to hibernate. In a cave.

See, even a modern cave would suit me just fine right about now, and we all know modern is not in my reality.

A roaring fire, surrounded in stacked stones, just as old builders would have done.

A rustic fire to accompany an evening meal, nestle your face in a bowl of slow cooked goodness with some nice crusty bread.

Retreat to another room to further admire the multitude of color and forms that appear in an endless array of the warming glow.

Or a simple treat for two, rustic and casual, to enjoy the autumn splendor in its full glory. Smores, perfectly browned over dying embers before retiring to a cozy bed for deep slumber.

Sigh, no such luxury in my immediate future. If only the eternal flames could light my path, perhaps life might be a bit more enjoyable in my little corner of the world.


Anonymous said...

Oh... Such beautiful images! It's so cold and raining here today and these just made my day. Thanks! Have a good weekend...
pk @ Room Remix

The DIY Show Off said...

The rain/cold brings out the homebody in me. I'd rather stay in and stay cozy. Great pictures!