Friday, February 12, 2010

Lately I have a obsession with creative storage solutions. This may be driven by the fact that our rather small home is bursting at the seams with stuff. Every size, shape, and sort imaginable. Purging is in the near future, but before then I wanted some ideas to store the remaining items that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg. I am more a function kind of gal rather than one who demands matchy-matchy coordination. If I can reuse some items I already have for a new purpose, even better.

I came across some ideas that really caught my attention and thought maybe they would interest others too.

Use a weekly pill box to corral all those small bits and pieces that otherwise float around and get lost. I love this idea for scrap booking eyelets, especially that they actually attached a sample to each slot for easy reference. Simple, inexpensive, and effective. You could do the same for any small bits-buttons, screws, charms, earrings, fishing hooks, pins, needles, game pieces. These containers close tightly which makes them perfect for these tiny items to keep them from spilling all over your drawer or purse for that matter.

OK, so technically this isn't really organizing, but original all the same. I see so many out there repurposing dressers, TV stands, etc and you could easily incorporate this in those pieces. Make yourself a custom bed out of foam and some fabric, tuck in the bottom space and you have a great spot for Fluffy to retire. Beats tripping over the dog bed for sure. I found endless variety of this project done in everything from kitchen cupboards to freestanding furniture. My cats would go nuts for this idea. Now all I need is a dog..sniff..sniff..

I LOVE THIS! Nearly all of these terrific ideas were found at the Better Homes and Gardens website. This one said they used Velcro to attach the forks to the wall. I think this would be a perfect solution in the kitchen for a couple things. First, I see this idea on a back splash to hold a recipe card up out of the mess while cooking. Second, how about on a cupboard door (either inside or out) to hold those appointment cards or takeout menus, or coupons for the next shopping trip. Upside down or right side up they would be adorable and functional. I also love them reused as garden stakes to hold the seed packets in the garden for each row.

Hold the phone! Literally! HA HA HA!! Seriously, run to the nearest thrift store, grab one of those bread boxes right now. Take it home, paint it, decorate it, drill a couple holes for your cords, and you have a brilliant charging station for all those crazy electronics. I bet I could even coral Prince's cordless drills, screwdrivers, and scissors in one of these big boxes.

OK, how many uses can you think of for a used mint tin? A million right? How about a fancy business card holder? Spiff it up with some paper or ribbon that coordinates with your cards, brilliant! Much better than a boring old box on your desk, or that pile floating around in the bottom of your purse isn't it?

My absolute, total favorite of them all. Use tacks to fasten binder clips to a bulletin board you jazz up any way you wish. Perfect holder for your business cards, takeout menus, grocery list, coupon organizer, to do list, whatever your heart desires. Creative, stylish, cheap, and useful.

Ok, so these aren't organizing, but since I'll have more room I want to spiff up the space I will have when I finish.

Perfect for all those furniture projects out there everyone is doing. Bling up your new desk or table with some coordinating ribbon around the edges. Ribbon comes in every shape, size, and color so there are endless possibilities.
OK, now it's your turn. What creative storage solutions have you come up with for your home? Please share!

What do you do with all those books piled all over the house, garage, in every corner? Am I the only book-a-holic out there? Take some hardcover books, remove the insides and attach the covers to a headboard or a piece of plywood! Yeah, yeah, I HATE to ruin a book, but seriously, sometimes they are past saving. If you can't part with your own, pick up a box on the cheap at a garage sale. Can't find the colors you like? Whip out the trusty spray paint, add a sealer, custom color books!


Anonymous said...

A lot of great ideas here, Lisa! I don't have a dog, but that doggie bed idea is really unique and fun. Have a good weekend.

f8hasit said...

The forks and the headboard are my two favorites. I hate to deface a book, but that's fabulous!

Barbara said...

Lisa, I love this headboard idea. I hate to tear up books also but think of how cute a headboard out of children's books (you know the ones that got colored in) would be.