Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Wicked Witch isn't dead after all....

Holy time warp Batman! Where has the time gone? Well, perhaps these will give you a tiny clue of what is happening around the old Gazing Ball homestead.

First of all was my son's wedding in July. Yeah, I know its already October, but I don't recover like I used to ya know?

Here are my beautiful babies (complete with one on the way). Clean up purdy good for kids I think. No one can rock camo at a wedding like my son!

The entire gang for the obligatory photo session, but frankly they are boring. We do better if you don't stick us in a line up.

Sealed with a kiss! The outdoor ceremony went off without a hitch. All the hard work on the flowers made it a color extravaganza! All in all, it was amazing and the couple is happily living the married life.

Now, if that weren't enough excitement for one year, hold on to your hats. Let me introduce you to our new family member! Welcome Miss Summer!

So, I'll spare you the gory details for the zillion other reasons I have been absent. Maybe life will settle into a dull roar shortly. Hope everyone is enjoying fall and is ready for a wicked Halloween as well!


Gina said...

Oh my - Summer is beautiful!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hey Lisa! I am thrilled you dropped by. It does look like you have been a busy lady. Is that a new grand child? Adorable and so precious! I miss hearing from you and reading your always funny and endearing blog post. Face book has taken lots of people away from blogging but I hear and see they are slowing migrating back. yeah!