Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Competition continues

Well, the Princess is off to the official day of skills competition. Instead of competing for all the things we actually practiced, they have now placed her in the food and beverage service contest. All our slicing, dicing, recipe creating, blood, sweat, and tears was for nothing!!! Now she has to be judged on serving a formal dinner to a group including table set up, proper utensils, serving, plate clearing, order taking, proper wine glass selections, and menu memorization. This should be interesting to say the least. This kid counts Dixie cups and paper plates as her friends as they don't require her to wash them! Oh, and did I mention fancy napkin folding too?
Yesterday she was "forced" (meaning the teacher was counting on her and she didn't WANT to do it) participate in the Quiz Bowl competition. Basically glorified "Who wants to be a millionaire" deal with a group of students competing against another group. Whoever buzzed in with the right answer first won the point. Well, apparently her team was winning until two kids on her team buzzed in with wrong answers to two questions so they came in last. Ironically the two questions were concerning geometry and spelling which are not even close to the top of her mastery of subjects. Anyone know what a direct line through the center of a circle is? The other was spell "chronological". One she got that not a single other person even attempted was What is the top selling cosmetic product purchased by teenage girls?
So, should be another interesting story to hear about the day today. Tomorrow is the award ceremony, but unfortunately I have to fly out of town on business so I won't be able to attend. Sometimes being the adult here really sucks!

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Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Lisa, She'll be find and live to tell about it with great relish. Don't put yourself on a guilt trip. Hoping your 80 temps. come back! ~ Lynn