Friday, April 18, 2008


Oh my, what a exhausting week! My business trip yesterday was rather non-productive and totally wore me out. Guess I'm getting too old for these 20 hour days. To top it all off, the crazy man on the plane next to me dropped his rolling suitcase on my toe. Didn't hurt too bad at the time (by then my feet were so sore from walking and standing all day they just hurt all over), but this morning I woke up to find my little toe is huge and turning rather unattractive shades of purple and black. I don't believe my luck most of the time.

The Princess did very well in the competition considering the chaos. She came in 6th place from about 40 people in her division. Not too shabby considering it wasn't even the skills she practiced or knew anything about for that matter. None of the students who were chosen for the cooking and baking competitions even came close to the top ten finishers. Her teacher is now groveling what a huge mistake she made by not putting Princess in the cooking portion like they had discussed. Especially when they were allowed to taste all of the students dishes from her school and Princess was able to tell them all what they had done wrong and right with the recipes before the teacher even had a chance to do it. Makes me so proud! She is even now considering a college degree for culinary from this experience. Pretty funny from the girl who turned up her nose at me last week for serving my best friends birthday dinner of hot dogs (hey, that's what the gal wanted-go figure) on my fine china with candles and the whole nine yards!

I also arrived home late to find two smashed boxes that said, "Live perishable plants enclosed" on my step. I had ordered peonies and roses (among other things) from QVC, and they were sitting on the porch. Now, they need to be planted and of course the weather this weekend is doomed to wind and cold. I seriously need spring here now!


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I am wishing you warm sunny days of Spring. You got peonies and roses from QVC? They must sell everything. I am going to start watching it. Congratulations on daughters 6th place. She showed them!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

I love that!!!!! "General nonsense" should be a way of life!
I'll be back!


JoAnne said...

Thank you for your wonderful comment on my site. It made me both laugh and cry! I know I shouldn't question myself but some days things get a little overwhelming and Tuesday was one of those days. I am better now and your post touched my heart. Thank you again!