Thursday, April 10, 2008

Creative graduation ideas please

OK, so my darling Princess received her large order of graduation announcements this week. The grand event is set for June 7, 2008 this year. Kind of cool, 06-07-08, get it? Anyway, it also happens to be the exact same day as my wedding anniversary with Prince Charming (my God, 12 years). Bad news is that means a million people decending on our humble abode on a day I normally get treated to a night out. More bad news means the dreaded "EX" will be here which does not tickle me in any way, but life goes on.

So, blogger friends, I need ideas. I need some great party food/decoration ideas that won't cost me an arm and a leg to feed the large gathering, yet make it special for the last chick to get her diploma. Anyone got some brilliant ideas you care to share?

I am also completely stumped on a memorable gift for her. Typical 18 year old wants the moon, but dear old mom is fresh out of rockets and sure can't afford the fuel for it either! I was leaning toward a lap top, but then my practical head gets going and sways toward a desk top to allow for printers etc in case she really does go to college or at least get the heck out of this house and get her own place. I love her dearly, but lately she's testing my ability to even tolerate her antics for sure.... I remember getting the usual crap, luggage, pens, goofy stuff we all get. She really worked hard this last year to pull herself up and get through this mess, so I really want to get her something nice. She's pretty much a spoiled brat and has the usual teen stuff. Gave her my old car (she isn't impressed but too bad baby, the motor runs and the tires go round-all she gets), has the car stereo, EX gave her an Ipod Nano for bday, more clothes than she can wear, has the birthstone ring, has the pearls that belonged to my Mom..............spoiled I tell you.
So, what do mom's out there buy their only daughter for graduation from high school?

I can sure use some ideas here folks.


Vintage Tea said...

Wow you do have a lot to plan don't you!!!

I must say I'd love a laptop from my parents... I have one on my mental wish list to purchase for myself in the next few months so I can blog from bed!!

Victoria xx

Tara said...

You must be so proud of her! How funny 06-07-08, that has to mean good luck for her! Congrats to you!


tom keenan said...

I suggest trying a theme that's a little more creative than your trad. grad. party. For instances, you can choose a Disco Party, or a Rock n' Roll Party, as well as a Luau Party (this is a great outdoor idea), Western Party, or Mardi Gras. One of the most popular party ideas in recent years is an Oscar Movie Party. The graduate is treated like a movie star as they approach the red carpet runway and are greeted by all the paparazzi, well actually, just friends and relatives, as they enter the house. Throughout the evening, brother or sister, can videotape everyone having a great time, then towards the end of the party, have a premier screening on a big screen TV for everyone to enjoy. This will surely generate lots of hoots and loud cheers. You can even award the graduate an Oscar, or use the Oscar as a pinata. If this sounds too extravagent, then stick to 2008 graduation party supplies and decoration by school colors. For instance, you can do a Red and White, or Blue and Yellow, etc party with plenty of 2008 banners, decorations and balloons.